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Home > Categories > Food > Cereal/Muesli products > Granpa BBs Premium Toasted Muesli review

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Score: 8.9/10  [6 reviews]
3 out of 5
ProdID: 5514 - Granpa BBs Premium Toasted Muesli
Produced by Granpa BB

Granpa BBs Premium Toasted Muesli
from $4.00/100g
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Disclosure StatementFULL DISCLOSURE: A number of units of this product have, at some time, been supplied to KIWIreviews by the company for the purposes of unbiased, independent reviews. No fee was accepted by KIWIreviews or the reviewers themselves - these are genuine, unpaid consumer reviews.
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Granpa BBs Premium Toasted Muesli product reviews

Proud to promote NZ productsPremium toasted homemade muesli for those who crave a wholesome, delicious breakfast cereal.

Do you want an awesome kick start to your day? Well, treat your taste buds to the unique taste of Granpa BB's toasted muesli - a new breakfast cereal that's been in the making since Granpa BB, aka Frank Hogan, began making his own homemade muesli over 40 years ago.
Muesli.. jam-packed with goodness

Granpa BB's toasted muesli is packed with 28 ingredients and is especially developed for those who seek maximum benefit from the most important meal of the day - breakfast. View our breakfast recipe to

The 3 points of difference to other toasted muesli:
    •  Simply put, Granpa BB's tastes better than other muesli. This is because 60% of the product consists of fruit, seeds, nuts and honey - and then there is maple syrup, natural vanilla extract, cinnamon... the list goes on and on. The sheer volume, variety and quality of these ingredients form the foundation of Granpa BB's unique breakfast experience.
    •  There are also fewer rolled oats than in normal muesli, but still plenty - 20% in fact - and they are blended with other healthy cereals (bran, oatbran, wheatgerm and buckwheat).
    •  Before toasting, the cereals are drizzled with a delicious mixture of canola oil, honey, maple syrup, natural vanilla and cinnamon.

...Simply a better breakfast taste

Check out Granpa BBs onlineClick here to see all the listings for Granpa BBs Visit their website They do not have a Twitter account Check them out on Facebook They do not have a YouTube Channel They do not have a Pinterest board They do not have an Instagram channel

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Click here to read the profile of haykay

Review by: haykay (Haley)
Dated: 10th of July, 2014

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This Review: 8.8/10
Score 10 out of 10
Value for Money:
Score 7 out of 10
Visual Appeal:
Score 9 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10

I am a fan of muesli, it is something that I eat every morning for breakfast and have been known to have it for dessert also. So I was pleased to be asked to review this product which is one that I have not tried before. At $4 a packet I knew it had to be something special but did not really want to get hooked on it as it would not be a muesli that I would be able to afford very often.

Looking at the packet you could tell that this was real home made muesli and having the picture of the grandpa and granddaughter on the packet made me go to their web page to read the touching family story. On opening the packet you could smell all the amazing flavours that this muesli was going to offer. The smell of honey, vanilla, nuts and seeds. Nothing but the best when it comes to ingredients (all 28 of them).

Because my 3 year old is also a fan of muesli I reluctantly poured this packet into my bowl hoping he would not walk in and want some too. I would quite easily eat 100g in one breakfast serving. The flavours were amazing. I loved the texture of all the different fruits, nuts and seeds and found it great that there was not a high volume of oats. Well I didn't get to eat the whole packet as my 3 year old also came to join me and was keen to eat as much as he could.

This is definitely one of the best mueslis I have tried and am very keen to buy this again, however it will need to be a special occasion muesli due to the price. The hardest thing for me would be not to eat a bigger packet all in one go.

Click here to read the profile of jopukeko

Review by: jopukeko (Jo)
Dated: 5th of July, 2014

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This Review: 7.8/10
Score 7 out of 10
Value for Money:
Score 7 out of 10
Visual Appeal:
Score 8 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10

I am always keen for a bit of variety in my diet so when I was offered Granpa BB's premium toasted muesli to review I grabbed the chance. It is as the label suggests a quality product and the price reflects that. At $4 for 2 small serves it wasn't something I was going to be having every day or encouraging the family to get hooked on either.

The leaflet I was given suggested soaking half a cup of muesli overnight with milk or orange juice and the grating a quarter of an apple into it before eating. Since I don't usually prepare my breakfast the night before so it was a few days before I remembered to do it. I chose to use milk as I didn't have any orange juice. In the morning the muesli had swollen up to look like porridge. The fruit had also swollen. The thought of eating cold porridge made me reluctant to try it. The soaking overnight had blended all the flavours together and unfortunately for me all I could taste were the fruits I don't like. I suppose the more ingredients a product contains the more likely there is to be something I don't like. I ate a couple of spoonfuls before giving up and cooking some toast.

I left the rest of the packet sitting on the kitchen bench. My daughter (5.5 years old) decided she wanted to have it for breakfast. So I served it up for her with milk (no soaking this time). She tasted it and decided it wasn't for her either. It is a shame because I can see that it is a quality product and the small resealable packet would be handy for when staying in a motel rather than paying for their over-priced continental breakfasts. I would be keen to try a version (if they ever bring one out) with just cereals and nuts as I am pretty sure I would love that.

Click here to read the profile of tessak

Review by: tessak (Tess)
Dated: 3rd of July, 2014

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This Review: 9.3/10
Score 9 out of 10
Value for Money:
Score 8 out of 10
Visual Appeal:
Score 10 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10

I was recently accepted to review Granpa BBs muesli. I am a big lover of muesli, especially with natural yoghurt. But mostly we prefer to make home made muesli bars. They are a great snack and perfect for the kids lunch box and if you find a decent muesli you can use it instead of rolled oats, coconut etc.

So when my sample arrived, after reading the info supplied I decides to use it for muesli bars instead of as cereal. LOL Icon Included with the muesli sample was a letter and pamphlet from Granpa BB. I do not know if these are sent out with every sample / purchase but assume they are. I liked this idea. Granpa BBs is new to the market and both letter and pamphlet explain this. I enjoyed reading the history surrounding Granpa BBs muesli, right back to the student flat where it all began. I also enjoyed reading how the name Grandpa BB came around.

The muesli itself, I learned, has 28 ingredients. WOW 28 ingredients! Impressive because looking at the packet I do not see 28 anything. LOL Icon It also has less rolled oats which is awesome! I am not a big fan of rolled oats. In the info that came with the sample there's a bit where Granpa BB tells you a delicious way to prepare the cereal. I really wanted to try it but at the same time I wanted to make muesli bars. I kinda wished I had more of the cereal as I have not had breakfast yet and I am hungry Wink Icon

As a muesli bar its ok. We have a recipe we have used before that we used this time too. The end result was kind of like a cake or slice. I think its because of the muesli. It is packed full of ingredients but there's also a lot of settled thinner powder/ dust from the ingredients. I think it acted a little like a flour. The taste was fine. Definitely plenty of goodness. For me personally the prices were a little steep for my liking and I would have liked more fruit as this was barely noticeable in our sample.

Click here to read the profile of ktcat

Review by: ktcat (Kate)
Dated: 1st of July, 2014

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This Review: 9.5/10
Score 10 out of 10
Value for Money:
Score 9 out of 10
Visual Appeal:
Score 10 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10

Before I received my Granpa BB's Premium Toasted Muesli to review, I popped onto the website. After reading through the website, I felt like I had a connection to the product. I loved the story about how the product and the name came about. It makes the person behind the product real rather than a huge company with no personal touch and little care. The face of Granpa BB could be anyone's grandad and it really does add a personal connection to the story and the food.

I was interested in the list of ingredients in the muesli. I don't think I have come across one previously that has had so much goodness in it. So many goodies in one bowl at breakfast time - brilliant. It was so nice to see quality nuts listed rather than peanuts. One thing that I would have liked to see on the website is the nutritional information. Considering that this muesli is generally purchased online, it would be nice to be able to read that information prior to ordering.

Once I had the packet in my hand and I looked at the nutritional information on the back. I went to my trusty guide on the Consumer website to see how the muesli stacked up to Consumer's recommendations. There was more fibre and less sodium than the recommendations - great. Unfortunately, there was also more fat and sugar than Consumer allowed. It is tricky really as the sugar is mainly created by the copious amounts of fruit in the mix. So I think that it should be forgiven that it goes above Consumers recommendation (and it is only a little over). I am wondering if the maple syrup in it is pure maple syrup. As for the fat, toasted muesli has to have something to toast it with. Again, I think that this is a quality product so I was willing to brush this aside.

When I picked the sample up and found that the little bag was supposed to serve two, I was a little concerned. I like a good sized breakfast to get me going for the day. I don't drink milk, so the suggested bircher style muesli was perfect for me. I prepared the muesli approximately according to the suggestion on the pamphlet I got with the sample. I am not one to measure things like this, so I put the muesli in a bowl and put in a dollop of juice so that it looked like enough to absorb into the muesli.

In the morning, it looked good and it had swelled up a bit, so my concern about the quantity wasn't such an issue anymore. I grated an apple into the mix. I left the skin on, even though the suggestion is to peel it, as a lot of the goodness is in the skin. I scooped out an orange and placed the muesli in the orange as I thought it would look nice. I then added some of the orange to my muesli. If I were to do this again, I might need to go to a bigger orange so that my half of the muesli can fit in the orange rather than having to top up.

I enjoyed the taste and the texture of the finished product. The muesli had kept its shape and texture. Each individual part of the muesli was identifiable as a separate ingredient. This is in contrast to when I do bircher style muesli with raw oat muesli - this tends to become a bit more of a stuck together mass (I still enjoy that though).

My children have good taste and tend to like the finer things, especially when they cost quite a bit. My two year old daughter absolutely loved the muesli and wanted to eat it rather than her own breakfast. With this in mind, and considering the pricey nature of Grandpa BB's muesli, I would certainly consider it for a special treat but not for an everyday breakfast option for the family. I must point out that putting together ingredients in good quality muesli isn't cheap and I think that it is fair for the price to be considerably higher than the average low grade muesli that we get sold in the supermarkets. When we go to the beach for a holiday, we tend to buy special items for breakfast and I can see that that is where Granpa BB's could fit into our family life.

Click here to read the profile of rekebum

Review by: rekebum (Shani)
Dated: 30th of June, 2014

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This Review: 8.5/10
Score 10 out of 10
Value for Money:
Score 6 out of 10
Visual Appeal:
Score 8 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10

I'm with the previous review in the fact I thought it was odd preparing the muesli the night before eating it & was worried what the end result would be, a bowl of mush maybe? But I actually found this great as it saved me time this morning! I went with the Orange Juice option as I am not a huge milk fan, I thought the Muesli would be soggy and yuck but it wasn't, it was delicious!

So I soaked it in the orange juice and added a bit of mango yoghurt which was delicious and I will definitely be doing it this way again.

My three kids are not huge Muesli fans but Miss 8 had a taste and asked for more, the two boys wouldn't even try it. I find it a bit on the expensive side but worth it for the taste although it is something I would only buy as a treat not add too the weekly shop. I like that the packaging is simple and the ingredients are easy to read.

I will try the milk option for Miss 8 as I think she would prefer it that way, A nice healthy start to the day.

Click here to read the profile of shellcruise

Review by: shellcruise (Shelley)
Dated: 29th of June, 2014

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This Review: 9.5/10
Score 9 out of 10
Value for Money:
Score 9 out of 10
Visual Appeal:
Score 10 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10

I have never had a muesli before where I had to prepare the night before. I was rather concerned about how it would taste in the morning and thoughts of a milky soggy mess kept popping in my head as I put in the fridge. The instructions were Mix half a cup of Granpa BB's with half a cup of either milk or orange juice. I would never dream of putting orange juice on my muesli so went just with the milk.

The next morning I made my girls their breakfast and kept looking at the bowl it didn't look bad but I was still a little 'worried'. I grated some apple like it suggested. It also recommended adding a few spoonfuls of your fav yoghurt flavored or unflavoured 'your choice'. As well as any extra fruit such as strawberry or pears - I decided just to see what the muesli tasted like all by itself, granted I did add a little apple.

One spoonful was like a tastebud explosion. There are so many different items being consumed at once it was a little weird at first but by the end of my bowl I was loving it. I spent time trying to guess what all the different ingredients were. The meal was not dry or soggy it was right on the money. It was filling and left me very content. I loved the bananas, papaya and sultanas as well as the hints of mangos and come summer this would be amazing adding all sorts of fruits.

Definitly next time I would like some yoghurt with it as I think I am so used to having milk with my cereal I felt like I was missing something, although I totally wasn't. It was just that perfect balance of being moist without over doing it. The price is a little expensive compared to other cereals out there but then when you think of everything in there it works out really good value. I would purchase again if I found in our local supermarket as a special weekend treat.

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