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Home > Categories > Food > Breads > Tio Pablo Fiesta Tortillas - variety 12-pack review

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Score: 8.6/10  [5 reviews]
3 out of 5
ProdID: 8601 - Tio Pablo Fiesta Tortillas - variety 12-pack
Brand / Source : Tio Pable

Tio Pablo Fiesta Tortillas - variety 12-pack
$7.50 / 12-pack
Sample/s Supplied by:
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Tio Pablo Fiesta Tortillas - variety 12-pack product reviews

Brighten up your next taco Tuesday with our mixed 12-pack of corn tortillas! Four varieties - blue corn, yellow corn, white corn, green jalapeno & chipotle - all in one pack!

Corn tortillas are a staple in authentic, Mexican cuisine. Used in a variety of dishes, such as tacos, enchiladas and even in soup, Tio Pablo tortillas are naturally gluten and dairy free. Tio Pablo bakes 5-6 days a week, using non GM masa harina flour. 15.5 cm (6 1/4 inch) diameter.

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Click here to read the profile of nikkib90

Review by: nikkib90 (Nikki)
Dated: 12th of May, 2020

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This Review: 8.5/10
Value for Money:
Score 8 out of 10
Score 8 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 9 out of 10

We love to support NZ made products and to find Tio Pablo tortillas are made here in NZ with NZ products was fantastic. There are 12 to a packet which for the cost at $7.50 is very reasonable. The packet comes with a variety of flavours and they are various colours. It was a little tricky to determine the difference between the yellow corn and white corn tortillas but the blue corn and green jalapeno & chipotle flavours were easily identifiable. The tortillas come in a resealable bag to keep them fresh which is an added bonus if you aren't going to use them all at one time.

We had a dinner of Mexican options that included chicken enchiladas and fish burritos. I found the tortillas were easy to fold and held up to being baked in the oven with their texture staying firm and not going soft or smooshy. I heated the tortillas used for burritos in the frying pan with a dash of water, flipping after 30 seconds. They came out perfect to fill and fold with the ingredients for a delicious fish burrito with all the trimmings of sour cream, cheese, lettuce and Salsa Brava Chimichurri sauce.

There wasn't a huge taste difference between the tortillas but the idea of various flavours was appealing. We liked the size of the tortillas as it was easy for the children to hold in their hands, they held enough ingredients and if you were still hungry it was easy to make a second one without having a huge serving of dinner. All in all we enjoyed the Tio Pablo tortillas and will look to purchase them in the future for family dinners and lunchbox options.

Click here to read the profile of shadowshaded

Review by: shadowshaded (Jeremy)
Dated: 17th of April, 2020

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This Review: 8.0/10
Value for Money:
Score 7 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10
Score 8 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 8 out of 10

Tortillas happen to be one of my favourite foods because of how they are just so versatile and convenient, you could have anything on them. When I saw the Tio Pablo fiesta tortillas I just had to try them out. They come in different colours and flavours. Another reason I got them is that it states that they are dairy and gluten-free which is very convenient since my wife is a vegan with gluten intolerance so she can also enjoy these tortillas as well.

They have four different colours to them according to their corresponding flavours as I took them out of the bag and prepared dinner I realized they have a very strong corn smell. Upon sitting down and tasting the tortillas themselves there was no difference in flavour or texture, there was no real way to distinguish them apart except for their colouring which was a little disappointing since I was really looking forward to the chipotle one the most and it just tasted like a normal corn tortilla. My wife tried some and had the same opinion that they all taste the same other than that I enjoyed the strange colours they possessed and I especially liked the pretty bluish colour of the blue corn tortilla.

For the amount you get the price seems fair and even though there was no taste difference the flavour they did have was still very nice and I would still recommend trying the tortillas overall. The only problem I had was with there being no differentiating flavour. The rest of the aspects of this product were good and I enjoyed these tortillas as they were very tasty.

Click here to read the profile of shellcruise

Review by: shellcruise (Shelley)
Dated: 16th of April, 2020

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This Review: 9.0/10
Value for Money:
Score 8 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 9 out of 10

When you have four hungry mouths to feed and going to the supermarket is not an option these are an absolute godsend. They are so versatile and can be used in a number of ways and they taste fantastic. Looking at the packet you are met with a range of colours and upon investigation I found out there are couple of flavours included in the packet which excited the girls - the only issue was (besides the blue/black looking one) you could not readily tell the flavours apart. They all had a very 'corn' smell to them.

We decided that they must of been packed the same way as the label dictated and as they are all very similar in taste, besides the Jalapeno and Chilpotle one which has a bit of spicy kick to it. You definitely could pick up on the corn in each bite which was really nice and unexpected. The packet did say twelve but we unfortunately only received eleven, and as we were making cheese mixtures it caused a bit of an issue on the last one. We were surprised by the thickness in each Tortilla, they were definitely thicker than the brand we usually get. But the size was a tad smaller than we are used to as well.

We had run out of bread and we did not want to go to the groceries until the following day as the fruit shop was closed. So we decided to make toasties with the Tortillas. Grating some cheese and slicing some onions we put tomato paste on the blue and the Jalapeno and Chilpotle flavours and on the rest used the Tio Pablo Taco Sauce and toasted them until the cheese had melted. Then cut them into quarters.

They were a hit, although we had used to much Taco Sauce on a few so had to have sour cream with them and they were fantastic. The discussion then turned to all the different flavours we could try in the future and even the discussion of a very thin style pizza with seafood on top was discussed. Even cooking under the element and then cutting up into snack sizes and have mini nachos sounded great.

As stated before we were a little disappointed when came to the last one and it had no partner so instead made it into a burrito and used as a pinwheel. But it still worked and I was impressed that it did not rip in anyway and stayed true to form. I am a little turned off by the price mainly because of the size of them and really 12 does not go far with our family and I would need to buy a couple of packets - but on this occasion it did work.

Click here to read the profile of alexmoulton

Review by: alexmoulton (Alex)
Dated: 13th of April, 2020

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This Review: 8.5/10
Value for Money:
Score 8 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10
Score 8 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 9 out of 10

Despite part of my ethnic heritage coming from Central America, I've never properly gotten into Mexican food. I've never disliked it, but I could probably count the number of times I've had tacos, enchiladas, or quesadillas on a single hand. Wraps I have done, but creating a meal that still needs to be constructed afterwards has always seemed strange to me.

Nevertheless, I'm always curious to try new things, and this mixed pack of flour tortillas seemed like a great place to start, as it has multiple types of tortillas that I can try out in the same meal. That alone is a great selling factor for those that are a bit hesitant to spend money on something they are unsure of. Mixed packs give you the highest chance of finding one or more flavours you'll like. With four different types; blue, yellow, white, and jalapeno and chipotle, it's a visually exciting element as well.

The thickness is quite reasonable (maybe twice the thickness of a Farrah's wrap) which makes it quite sturdy. As it comes out of the packet it does feel quite stiff, but after a quick warm-up in the pan, the tortilla is very pliable and did not tear at all. The texture of the tortillas feels quite absorbent and it holds sauce well. As far as the differences between the varieties, the blue corn tortillas are a bit denser than the others, and the jalapeno & chipotle is by far the most flavourful of the pack. Otherwise, they do not really carry a strong flavour, so you do not need to worry about conflicting flavours in meals.

I used the product in two separate ways. I used half of them the usual way, with some mince, sour cream and beans, which was delicious. For the second batch, I started running out of ingredients in the house and ended up baking them after soaking them in a garlic butter I made. It works surprisingly well if you bake them for long enough to get a proper crunch out of them.

I'm not usually one that goes for foods that end up with wastage and a lot of washing up, but the flour tacos were an absolute treat. While it won't be a regular meal for me, I'll definitely be having it again sometime soon, and I'll be looking for the jalapeno or chipotle varieties (or "chilpotle" as it is advertised on their website).

Click here to read the profile of savta

Review by: savta (Jo)
Dated: 1st of April, 2020

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This Review: 8.8/10
Value for Money:
Score 8 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10
Score 8 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 9 out of 10

I was interested to see the variety of colours contained within the packet. Even before opening them I thought they would be perfect for a special occasion because the tacos would look so amazing as part of a display. The information on the pack confirmed that, once opened, the contents would keep if stored in the resealed bag. That was good to know because even though the pair of us enjoy wraps of all kinds, I don't think we would manage six each in one sitting. I thought we would manage three each, so we decided we would have them for dinner two days running - ensuring that both of us would try all four flavours.

In principle, this was a good idea, but on opening the packet we found that there were only eleven tacos instead of the twelve advertised! This was not so vital for the two of us but it would have been disappointing for a larger group trying to ensure that everyone got the same amount. (Very important when you have children as they are scrupulously fair about allocating exactly the same sized helping to everyone.)

Despite that hiccup, we found the tacos very easy to prepare. They are reasonably solid so they hold their shape well when heated according to the instructions. The first time round we served them with chilpotle chicken kebabs, corn, an assortment of salads, and a good dollop of refried beans. The corn, chicken and beans were all hot so once the ingredients had been assembled and folded inside the tortillas, we had a very presentable and very tasty taco. The second night we combined them with the contents of a Sealord Smokey Harissa Tuna pack, chopped avocado, cream cheese, walnuts, a good dash of Tio Pablo Salsa Sobrosa Taco Sauce, and some sliced red onion. This time around we served the meal cold. By the time we came to eat, the tortillas had gone cold again (because none of the other ingredients were hot) but it did not seem to matter.

Both meals were really delicious. We found the tortillas themselves did not have much flavour - the blue corn variety was slightly stronger with a suggestion of smokiness, but we found it hard to tell the other three apart. In a way this is a strength however because it means they can be used with a greater variety of fillings, and they then take on the flavour of whatever has been added - for our first meal, the chilpotle marinade, and for the second, the harissa and taco sauce. At the same time, the tortillas are pleasantly chewy, adding a satisfying bite to the whole experience. I cannot fault the ingredients: they are certainly healthy when compared to wheat products and have the added advantage of being gluten free.

The size was interesting. We had differing opinions on this. I liked the smaller size because it meant I could have more than one. When I eat larger wraps, one is enough! But my partner would have preferred a larger size as a lot of the filling fell out! I did not mind that - I just cleaned up afterwards with a fork - but I can see the advantage of having a larger one for including in a lunchbox because you can tuck the ends under. I guess the important things are taste and texture - you will never please everyone.

So did we like them? Oh yes! Two VERY nice meals, and something I will buy again because they are so versatile. The next packet I buy might be used with a roast vegetable and sweet pickle filling. I also imagine the tortillas would be a winner with chopped chicken and a sweet chilli sauce, and again with a favourite from my student days: cold roast beef combined with fresh capsicum and garlic salt. Being able to use part of a packet and leave the rest in a cupboard is a plus - although if we were eating with other family members there would almost certainly be none left over to worry about!

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