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Score: 9.3/10  [4 reviews]
4 out of 5
ProdID: 8767 - DENTtabs - with Fluoride
Brand: DENTtabs

DENTtabs - with Fluoride
from $2
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DENTtabs - with Fluoride product reviews

DENTtabs are the fresh new way to clean and polish, leaving your whole mouth clean and smooth. Great for travel and at home, DENTtabs deliver exactly what you need in each brushing.

No mess to clean up after kids. No waste. Non-abrasive, no binding or preservative agents. No aluminium or plastics, just clean teeth. Available with and without fluoride.

The packaging is certified home compostable and sealed for freshness.

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Review by: noisybabe007 (Angela)
Dated: 12th of January, 2021

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This Review: 9.8/10
Value for Money:
Score 10 out of 10
Ease of Use:
Score 10 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 9 out of 10

I have seen toothpaste tablets advertised in quite a few places and was a bit sceptical as to what they were really like, despite most of the reviews and feedback about them being really good, user friendly, easy for travelling and the like. We have a family trip to Auckland for a wedding in February, and with five family members going, space in the suitcases we are taking is going to be at a premium, so anything that can help with that is very welcomed.

I ripped open the packet and quickly realised that it was not a re-sealable one, despite there being 125 tablets in there (and yes, I counted them!) meaning that there was 12 and a half days worth of tablets there for our whole family. I solved this by getting a Tupperware airtight container to put them in and it was problem solved. I did write a little note with the instructions and attached it to the top - including - make sure you have CLEAN hands before you get a tablet out to use!!

Following the instructions, I put a tablet in my mouth and chewed it. It has a lovely minty flavour that was like a less intense eclipse gum flavour - so not too strong or too minty - if that makes sense! I tried one with my most fussy child first, and she said it was not too strong and she would happily use them again, so I take that as a win! They do not get foamy like traditional toothpaste, which would be a big benefit if you prefer that, and also in instances where you do not have water to rinse with (though I know from the dental clinic, that is not the recommended, especially for children anyway). The packaging itself does state to rinse, but I chose not to, and found it to work and have no ill effects either, which is great.

I really only have one negative about the Dent Tabs - I would much prefer to see them packaged in a small glass container or similar that is refillable but am very aware that that would change the price, however, as the product currently is, they could be the refill packs which, as they are currently in a compostable packet is really good.

I would recommend these and would buy them again to take on trips, camps, and the like, as they are definitely less messy than an exploded tube of toothpaste would be in a bag!

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Review by: shellcruise (Shelley)
Dated: 15th of December, 2020

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This Review: 9.0/10
Value for Money:
Score 9 out of 10
Ease of Use:
Score 10 out of 10
Score 10 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 7 out of 10

Looking thru the options to view I came across this and assumed it was for a person with dentures - 'weird' I thought, it would limit the people able to review it. For some reason I came back to it and jumped into the blog and read it and then re-read it and then applied.

My daughter was more excited to try this then anyone else in the family. She could not wait to go to bed and brush her teeth (which is a miracle in itself). She came out of the bathroom and said it was unusual and she didn't initially like the taste, but her biggest hurdle was how watery it was. She expected it to foam up but nothing happened. We assumed she had done it wrong and said we would try later on when we get ready for bed.

I examined the packet and the very basic instructions - chew until smooth, brush and then rinse. Easy. So I followed thru and it was like a play by play to her reaction. The taste was unsettling to begin with not a mint flavour I am used to. I like mine rich and on point where is there was just somewhere in the distant. The initial shock passed and then the taste became bearable. I brushed which what felt like water followed by rinsing hoping for some think foam to come thru but nothing. It was a weird sensation. But what was even stranger still afterwards was how fresh my breath felt. I rolled my tongue over my teeth and then felt smooth and clean and even in the morning I woke up with a pleasant breath.

Now one of the reasons I did request this is we are off camping next year and I am looking for space saving technology so we don't have to take everything including the kitchen sink. I thought these would be great until I realised the packet does not reseal and there is no easy way getting one small tablet out without touching some others. I have considered bowls but they everyone would be touching them. I considered zip lock bags where everyone has there own quota but again there is the possibility for errors. Then I considered buying everyone there own packets but again that causes more issues with the fact the bag does not reseal so it became a vicious circle.

My husband had to go away for business last week and was packing his toiletry bag at five in the morning and was rushing around to find a small bag and in the end just grabbed the toothpaste instead. They are not very user friendly.

I have a love hate relationship with them. After using well over a week I love the end result its just the process I have issues with and I am still not loving the taste. The rest of the family have stopped using which makes me happy, no more sharing. I have them in an old eclipse mint tin and it work for what I need it to and will be perfect for when we go away. If only I liked the taste.

Click here to read the profile of savta

Review by: savta (Jo)
Dated: 8th of December, 2020

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This Review: 9.0/10
Value for Money:
Score 10 out of 10
Ease of Use:
Score 9 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 8 out of 10

I tested this product on several different occasions with various people; I also tried it myself of course, but thought it was valuable to canvass others as well. The results were all different, with some people really liking them and others not so keen.

The first challenge was to find out how to access the tablets without spilling them. I solved this by decanting them into a clip-top plastic box which would store them safely but also prevent them from being affected by moisture. It was a great solution but did cause a few problems because I had torn the instructions in the process of opening the paper packet, and two of my testers did not realise that you had to chew the tablets a couple of times to break them up. Both of them said they held them in their mouths for some time and they did not melt! Now I have written the instructions on the box lid (using a permanent marker) so others will not be caught out if they use my bathroom and I invite them to try the toothpaste! It would be handy if there were a sticky information label included inside the packet; this could be attached to the storage container as needed.

Apart from my two aborted trials, the others who tried them were generally positive. They thought the tablets would be great for travelling - you could put a few into a tiny storage container rather than the larger one I had used, and slip them into a pocket. Everyone liked the no-waste philosophy which included the recyclable packets and the small size of the product. In terms of taste, most said that it was a nice fresh minty flavour which became stronger after they had finished brushing, and that it was comparable to regular toothpastes in tooth cleaning power.

I tried them after a few other people had finished, and discovered that I liked them. The freshness afterwards was lingering and made my whole mouth feel really clean, and there was none of the stinging sensation I have noticed with other strong mint toothpastes. I had wondered if it might be a bit too strong for children, but the youngsters who tested it for me all said they liked the flavour. Mr Six said it reminded him of peppermints while his mother was pleased that it contained fluoride. Mr Nine did not like it, however, not because of the taste but because he wanted more foam so he could see what he was getting!

I would definitely purchase this product when going on a trip. We were travelling for several days, which meant I could try it out on a reasonably large number of friends and family, and it was especially good when we stayed overnight at a place where there was no drinking water. It saved using our precious bottled supply! But even for everyday use at home, it ticks the boxes for sustainability and appeal for a wide range of ages.

Click here to read the profile of alexmoulton

Review by: alexmoulton (Alex)
Dated: 28th of November, 2020

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This Review: 9.3/10
Value for Money:
Score 10 out of 10
Ease of Use:
Score 9 out of 10
Score 9 out of 10
Personal Choice:
Score 9 out of 10

Wasn't too sure what to expect from this product when I first saw it. I was expecting maybe something like a tobacco gum, chewing a small mesh pouch with a hardened paste inside of it. But no, this product is even smaller, less than a centimetre in diameter, this little mint-flavoured tablet is intriguing, to be sure. Simply pop one in your mouth and chew a couple of times until it starts mixing in with your saliva and voila, you are ready for the toothbrush! No extra water needed until the end to rinse your mouth.

The tabs have a slightly chalky texture to them, but it is neither unpleasant nor uncomfortable. For what is a tiny amount of paste, there is an impressive amount of mint flavour and aroma that comes from the product, leaving your mouth feeling fresh. Take note that the tab doesn't froth or anything, so there is a lower chance of making a mess of your shirt before heading off to work.

The packaging is interesting as it is home compostable, so it can go straight in your compost heap. The one complaint about the packaging is that it isn't resealable. Probably a consequence of being able to make the packet home compostable as the resealable pieces are usually plastic, but considering the packet contains 125 tabs, that is enough for over two months of mouth brushing if you use them twice a day. That's over two months of having a packet sitting open on the bench. Perhaps a small glass jar would be better to maintain the airtightness that hygienically I would prefer, whilst keeping the environmentally sustainable angle that they want with the packaging.

An ideal product if you are camping or travel a lot, as it has much less water needed, and makes much less mess. The thin nature of the tooth brushing solution means you need very little wash to rinse your mouth. Spitting removes nearly all of the solution on its own.

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