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  ProdID: 8107 - NZYME Urine Stain & Odour RemoverBrand / Manufactured by:NZYME NZ Product Score: 9.0 
NZYME Urine Stain & Odour Remover

Price : $22.00
Supplier :
Available : via online store and selected outlets

For old urine stains or odours, multiple applications may be necessary. This is generally the case for problems that have been around for long periods of time. As mentioned previously sometimes it is good to cover the floor or carpet with a sheet of plastic. This prevents the product from evaporating from the surface before the enzymes have done their work. This also allows the product to soak deep into the pile of the carpet.

UV light is often a good tool to find the source of the odour as sometimes the odour is not coming from the carpet but somewhere else in the room. This is good for pet odour problems. For use on carpets, floors, walls, synthetic grass, aged care, urinals, pet stains.

    •  Outstanding results.
    •  50% more concentrated than other brands!
    •  We use plant based enzymes for faster action!
    •  Contains a powerful multi-function enzyme formula for immediate results
    •  New Zealand made & environmentally friendly
    •  pH Neutral - Soap Free - Septic safe - No Palm Oil
    •  Non-Toxic - No Ammonia and No Chlorine
Value for Money
Personal Choice
mizim   Review #20322 - Dated: 13th of January, 2019
  Author: mizim

Every now and then one of my cats decides to bring the rodent he has caught, inside for us, but while it is still alive. This leads to my frustration and the cat door being locked so he can't come back in. Which would be all well and good if I hadn't forgotten and left his sister inside with no way of getting out... Her response to this was to pee on the couch! We took it off and gave it as best a clean we could, at the time, but she decided that it was now her personal litter box and peed on it a couple more times (despite the cat door no longer being locked!), so by the time we got this to review the couch pillow well and truly stunk!

The first time I used this, it didn't have much affect at all. We used it a second time and could tell it had eliminated some of the stench but not by much. I then chose to almost drench the cushion in the spray and threw another (though not as equally) stinky pillow on top of the urinated one. I forgot about the cushion but then noticed a couple of days later that my son had reclaimed his favourite spot on the couch with no complaints about cat urine, I quietly went and had a little smell and whilst there was still a slight lingering stink, the smell was no longer noticeable unless you stuck your nose right on it. Woohoo!

We've also used this for general use in the toilet. I did find it took a lot to work on what I needed it to, maybe that was due to the cat using it as a toilet more than once? It did, however, in the end, do the job needed. I'm not 100% sold on it yet, but it worked well, so I'll use the rest of the bottle and may buy it again.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
melissaandchloe   Review #20230 - Dated: 8th of December, 2018
  Author: melissaandchloe

As much as I love pets and children, I don’t always love the lovely little odors that sometimes come along with them! It’s often hard to find a product that works succefully to remove both stains and odors… until now. I was rather skeptical about how well the Urine Stain and Odor remover by NZYME would work when I got it in my box of review goodies but I can happily say it is amazing and that it worked wonders in my home.

The product comes in a large 1 Liter spray bottle, which is easy to use and sprays without any issues, best of all there is a measurement guide down the side of the bottle so you can say when it is running low, a very handy thing to have indeed. The bottle itself is simple and straight to the point as a bottle containing a cleaner should be, there’s no need for it to be fancy as it’s simply there to do a job. I was happy to see that the product is in fact eco-friendly, as well as being soap free with no caustic chemicals and best of all it’s made here in little old New Zealand.

For a while now in my house I have smelled an odor which smells very much like cat urine and no matter how much I have sprayed, cleaned, rubbed and scrubbed where I think it is the smell will not go away. So upon receiving this product the first thing I did was spray on this, after leaving it to sit for 10 minutes I re-sprayed it and then wiped it clean, it has been several days now and the odor seems to have disappeared… phew.

I searched throughout the house seeing what else I could use the product on and decided to use it on the bathroom tiles where there were a few stains, as well as in and around the toilet, again these proved no test for this product and they were all left smelling good as new in no times, I was quite amazed by the results and can’t believe how fresh and clean the house now smells from using it. A little seems to go a long way so I’m happy to still have a rather large amount of the spray left.

If you are looking for a product which helps to remove smells and odors from your house, both in and out give this a go, it’s suitable for a range of surfaces and you won’t be disappointed.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
tamstar22   Review #20212 - Dated: 5th of December, 2018
  Author: tamstar22

Between my dog, my baby and the boys in my house I feel a bit out numbered and I feel my carpets and bathroom are slowly being ruined. My 6 month old baby who loves to rolls over for some reason every time he has mat time with no nappy on he will roll or push him self backwards of the mat and wee on the carpet, every time and also a little spew of milk to top it off. I was excited when this urine stain and odour remover showed up. I could not wait to try it and I had to try it on my carpets first.

I read the bottle and followed the instructions and sprayed some on the stains and waited a bit and then sprayed some more on. I was surprised once it dried up that the stains were gone and it was easy, I did not have to scrub away at the carpet. I feel my carpets stink due to the dog lying on her spot and the kids but I liked the results after my carpet had a good spray with this in the spots that stood out to me the most.

I thought I would try it on the bathroom as another pet peeve of mine is the toilet area and how the boys seem to miss at times and I am left to clean it up. It worked wondered and easy to use. Nice clean toilet area afterwards. I love the bottle and the nice grip you get when holding and spraying it and I also love the clear line down the side so you can see how much is left inside. Great value for money and definitely good for my house hold of boys. I will be recommending to friends especially the ones who also have all boys.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
michelleh   Review #20150 - Dated: 25th of November, 2018
  Author: michelleh

I have an ageing dog and I also work with the elderly that tend to have their own 'odour' so I was looking forward to putting this Urine Stain and Odour remover to the test. The remover comes in a huge 1 litre spray bottle and had a nondescript scent. My husband had a whiff and said that it smelt like the generic hand soap that you find in public toilets!

The first test was my daughters bedroom where our 14 year old dog loves to sleep. It has a distinct doggy smell so I sprayed liberally and left it and went out. It was good to know that this spray is safe for people, pets and the planet so I had no qualms about letting my dog go back on the carpet. When I returned a couple of hours later I noticed that the doggy smell had virtually gone which was great.... there is nothing worse than entering a house that smells of dog!

When I went to clean for some elderly clients I took this spray with me and when they weren't looking, gave the carpets and furniture a good spray. Over time I have noticed a reduction in odour and the spray hasn't stained the carpets/ fabric in any way. Because there is no fragrance in this spray it is easy to spray and be discreet with it! I will definitely continue to use this and it will definitely help me in combating bad odours when I clean!

Value for Money
Personal Choice
savta   Review #20143 - Dated: 25th of November, 2018
  Author: savta

I was excited to receive a review bottle of this product because at our house we have an annoying problem - a neighbourhood cat! I have cats of my own but they are all house trained; they have a cat door and, because they are grazers, I leave a bowl of dry food on the floor so they can wander in and help themselves. That worked fine until the new cat moved in. He looks well cared for so is not a stray, but he seems to think he can visit my house and help himself to my cats' food. I would not mind that so much, but after he has eaten he sprays! I have caught him doing it so I know he is the culprit.

Over the months I had tried everything. Disinfectants, air fresheners, surface cleaners, dry mustard, chilli paste, orange oil. Nothing helped. The smell was bad, but the knowledge that those surfaces were harbouring nasty bacteria was even more scary. I was washing them down every day - the lower areas of every cupboard door and wall - so I was hopefully keeping infection at bay, but the smell lingered. And he seemed to spray in a different place every day. I was obliged to keep the inside doors closed in case he got into other rooms as well. At least the kitchen has a lino floor.

When I got this product, I first washed all the surfaces he could possibly have sprayed on. I used a plain surface cleaner so that I did not mask the odour. After everything was dry, I sprayed liberally with the urine stain and odour remover. I waited for a few minutes, resprayed, then went out for the day, reassured that if my own cats brushed against the surfaces before they were dry they would not come to any harm - a welcome bonus.

When I arrived home late that night, I realised that the odour was still there, but it was a lot less obvious. It seemed I might have finally begun to solve the problem. I also noticed that my visitor had not been in because there was a lot more dry food in the bowl that there usually is, and there were no damp spots on the lino. My own cats, however, did not seem to be fazed by the spray; they were all inside and settled in their usual places.

Over the next two mornings I repeated the process with the spray. By the third day the smell was barely noticeable, even after the kitchen had been shut up all day. My visiting cat returned for some food, but it did not look as though he had sprayed again. Maybe he has at last got the idea - or the lack of his own scent has stopped him seeking out a place to mark his territory again. Quite frankly, I don't mind - my spray seems to have done its job. However, I will keep using it for a few days more - better that I spray than he does!

Incidentally, my niece borrowed it to try on her toddler's mattress. The odour is a lot weaker than that caused by a cat, and she reported that it worked after just one application. The mattress is absorbent, and like all toddlers, her little one is still having the occasional accident despite wearing nappies at night, so she is now thinking of getting a bottle for herself. I am certainly not letting go of mine; I will be using it carefully as it is quite costly, but I would rather spend the money than have the cat pollution again.

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