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  ProdID: 7013 - Geronimo Stilton Academy: Grammar PawbooksAuthor:Scholastic Product Score: 9.9 
Geronimo Stilton Academy: Grammar Pawbooks

Price : $9.00
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Available : April 2016

The Geronimo Stilton Academy: Grammar Pawbooks have been developed to build on children's interest in the Geronimo Stilton series. They strengthen children's grammar skills through fun word puzzles and exercises. Designed to fuel children's interest in the English language, this series is engaging and enjoyable.

Each workbook contains authentic excerpts from the Geronimo Stilton series. It uses a 3-step format that explains grammar items used in context and provides opportunities for learners to reinforce their grammar skills and features. Fun activities at the end of each section gives students the opportunity to consolidate what they have learnt.
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tamstar22   Review #16389 - Dated: 22nd of June, 2016
  Author: tamstar22

My 7 year old son as soon as he seen these books he was excited and said "oh these will be great travelling books mum". My son loves books and activities and drawing so he was really into these books. I found they were at times a little bit harder than he expected and he needed some help, but he still really enjoyed the activities. He has read a few of the Geronimo Stitlon books now and has enjoyed them. We started with Grammar Pawbook 1 and on opening my son was excited and commented how he loved the layout and pictures, it was eye catching.

I found I had to sit with my son and help him with the books, some of it was a bit advanced for him but he still enjoyed them. We would spend time after school on the activities on the days his teacher did not spend him home with homework. I felt I even learnt something myself and refreshed my memory on certain areas. These books are great for encouraging learning and in a fun way as well, as children get bored easily especially my son. I find my son needs to be interested in the topic or activity in order for him to give it his full attention. I found he would last about 45minutes until he had enough and wanted to stop for the day.

For the price of the books, I think that's amazing and a cheap price for hours or learning. They are of high quality and standards and a lot of learning to be produced from 3 books. I also like how the answers are in the back of the book so you can check your work and get help when needed. I really liked the wide range of topics and activities as well, with many different stories which keep it interesting. I would be keen to introduce more of these to my son in the future and I feel he would gain a lot more knowledge from these books also. I think I am going to buy some for my nephews birthday who is the same age as my son, as I think he would enjoy them as much as my son did.

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shellcruise   Review #16197 - Dated: 23rd of May, 2016
  Author: shellcruise

My daughter is seven and is in the third grade this year. Where as this is a little bit advanced for her she is still managing perfectly well. However it is not the sort of exercise she can go off by herself and do alone instead she needs consistant help and informing her of what to do next, or working along side of her. I have to say I have even learnt a lot from the book and we have only just finished the first book. We did rush thru it for the purpose of me being able to write a review about it and will take our time in the second version. I have browsed thru the second and third by myself and given to my husband to look over.

We both agree it is a good series and having read the Thea Sisters and a couple of Geronimo Stilton books it makes more sense to me than to him. It is just like the books with the funky text and the over sizing letters and colours of the font it makes it more exciting and helps to stand out. It even has pictures scattered throughout the pages which personally love looking at.

One thing we have found with the answers is in a couple of areas there can easily be more than one that would fit perfectly in the box. It doesn't always give you the context to what they are looking for. So there have been a few discussions on what one could possibly be the best version. Thankfully their are answers at the back and I have scratched my head on a couple of occasions has to how they came up with that answer.

Although, my daughter might be a little too young for this I have found I have learnt a bit that I had either forgotten or just purely did not know. It does state that the first book is the Junior Level, the second is the Senior Level and the third is the Master level, well looking at the third I actually found a lot of the exercises easier than the first. I guess its what you are used too. The book also shows there are three different varieties to the Geronimo Stilton Academy Compreshesion, Vocabulary and Grammar I personally think the other two might be better suited to her.

The book is broken up in to units and there are twelve in total. We were doing one unit a night and then in the weekend finished the remaining units. It did take some time especially when you add a husband to the mix who has a great vocabulary and enjoys telling you things. In some ways it was easier with his help but in others well lets just say I was watching the clock for a large period of yesterday.

definitely this is going to be an excellent tool in years to come, especially when she starts learning about nouns, adjectivies and prepositions of place and time. For $9 for the three books it is an excellent price considering how much you can learn from them. But it would be easier if she could work alone with the book. She can easily read it, it is not the issue its just some of the questions she gets a bit confused with.

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