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  ProdID: 5844 - Deluxe Diner: 1950's American DinerLocated:New Plymouth Product Score: 8.5 
Deluxe Diner: 1950's American Diner

Price : $5 - $30
Supplier :
Available : Ring for Hours

36 Leach St
New Plymouth 4310
Phone: (06) 757-5300

Deluxe Diner, the first of its kind in New Zealand. Open 7 & Days 7 about-server Nights, it features counter service, all day breakfast, classic red diner booths, rock n roll, Coca-Cola, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and 1950s retro memorabilia.

With great food and a fun theme Deluxe Diner will become a popular Hangout for Young and Old as well as meet all demands for service. Deluxe Diner store will possess all of the nostalgic trappings of other famous diners, we will also feature a Quality menu and a lot of space. This location, will become famous for the all day diner breakfasts, burgers with classic dinners and desserts.

Deluxe Diner will be proudly serving customers in the New Plymouth Taranaki region. Our success as a company will be based on the skills and efforts of our employees. As part of our commitment to you as a valued customer, we guarantee friendly, professional service with a smile. By providing generous portions of our classic home style fare, we ensure the old fashioned value that diners are famous for. So, come enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere-let the music, the crowd, and the decor take you back to the fabulous fifties!!!
Venue & Staff
Value for Money
shellcruise   Review #12554 - Dated: 8th of October, 2014
  Author: shellcruise

The Deluxe Diner opened a couple of months back in New Plymouth and whenever you drive past it is always packed. For my daughter's birthday she had the choice of the usual restaurants or the new American one and I was stoked when she said this one. Having liked the page on Facebook I was dying to try one of the yummy looking desserts or burgers.

Images of American TV shows popped thru my mind, with the booths and the checked floor and when we arrived we were not disappointed. It looked just like the diners I have used in the states except the booths were of better quality and wasn't old and crimpling. My husband expected someone to call out 'just sit down anywhere love and I will be with you shortly' but alas we had to wait in line to be seated. Unfortunately we did not get the 'wanted' booth as the place was packed and instead we were placed in the middle right next to the kitchen.

The menus and pricing looked great, most items were around the $18 range which for a family of four this is welcoming news. Kids meals were $8 each but could have a combo which was the main, drink and a dessert for $12. We eagerly looked over the menu while the girls were busy colouring in there menu covers (which got proudly displayed by the front door). My eldest decided on the American Hotdog and my youngest wanted a Toasted Sandwich both meals come with chips. My husband went for a Dirty Dog which is and American Hot Dog with Chilli Con Carne, Jalapenoes, Sauted Onion and Melted Cheese while I went for the Baltimore Jack Burger which is Eggs, Beetroot, Onions, Bacon, Beef and BBQ sauce.

The waitress took our order straight away and we sat back and relaxed as music played over the speakers. My daughter asked if it was American and Queen was playing Bohemian Rhapsody so we explained that it was more rock'n'roll then American. One thing about New Plymouth is when a new restaurant opens everyone has to go to it, people were everywhere so I meal took about 20minutes before it came out.

My eldest daughter loved her hot dog and ate the whole thing. Ketchup and Mustard are on your table so she loved pouring her own sauces. My youngest only ate the chips and after a bite of her toastie I understand why... it was obviously cooked in melted butter because that is all you tasted. My husband was extremely disappointed with his hot dog and was rather tasteless and watery. My burger was disgusting my egg was not cooked properly and when I picked it up it the watery egg fell out. The pattie has no taste to it at all - get a better flavour at McDonalds and after eating only half of it I felt so sick - my hands were reeking from the smell. We left and vowed never to return.

However that night before going to bed I checked facebook and saw the desserts and regretted not trying one. So the next day for lunch we took my parents and returned just for the missed pudding. This time we got the corner booth and got told the specials which we never did the night before. I ordered a Jelly Tip VIP shake for me and the girls to share. I also ordered a Jelly Tipp Knickerbocker Glory Sundae where as the girls ordered Chocolate Brownies and mum got the American Doughnut (cold) and dad got one of the pies, my husband just got a Float. The desserts were definitely better than the mains but not exactly worth the money we paid for them.

It has just opened and I am hoping it improves as it goes along. It has the potential to be something great but they need to learn how to cook first. We will not be in a hurry to go back. Service was great and the venue suits the theme, pricing is right on par but needs more flavour.

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