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  ProdID: 5658 - Edmonds Moist Chocolate CakeBrand:Edmonds Product Score: 10.0 
Edmonds Moist Chocolate Cake

Price : $4.29
Supplier :
Available : At all good supermarkets

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 50 - 55 minutes
Serves: 12

60g Margarine Spread of Soft Butter
2 Size 6 Eggs
175ml Milk
Personal Choice
melissaandchloe   Review #14683 - Dated: 16th of August, 2015
  Author: melissaandchloe

I love a yummy moist chocolate cake that has a rich chocolaty taste to it, although I have my own go to recipe on this particular day Miss 2 had asked to do some baking so I took her to the supermarket to choose a packet mix to help me bake she choose this. The cake on the front of the packet certainly looked rich and moist so I was looking forward to seeing how the finished product compared.

All the ingredients needed were those that I already had on hand so we went through the checkout with our cake mix (plus Miss 2's special ingredients chocolate chips and sprinkles) and set off home to make our cake. The cake was so simple to make just pour in the ingredients and stir them together until combined (the key being not to over mix). The cake was placed into a well greased cake tin and put into the oven to cook for 45minutes at 180 degrees.

45 minutes must have been a long wait for Miss 2 who kept telling me that she could see and smell it so it was obviously ready. At last the cake was cooked and ready to be cooled. This took about 15 minutes so in the meantime we made the icing, chocolate of course. Miss 2 enjoyed spreading the icing over the cooled cake and then sprinkling sprinkles and M&M's over top (though I'm sure more made it into her mouth than they did the cake).

The results a very moist and flavoursome cake - not bad for a packet mix which we picked up for $2.99. We have tried this cake again since and I will share with you a little secret we found for making the cake even more moist, fluffy and flavoursome - add to the mix a Greggs chocolate fudge instant pudding sachet and 1 tub of sour cream. This makes it even more amazing, give it a go.

This cake was definitely a winner in our house even with my partner who prefers not to eat chocolate flavoured cakes and baking, big thumbs up all round.

Personal Choice
jessogg   Review #12986 - Dated: 5th of December, 2014
  Author: jessogg

It was a cold gloomy day and my sisters and I were craving something decadent and chocolatey, so we popped out to the store and found this Edmonds cake mix. It was very visually appealing and was only $4.00 so I thought it was the perfect thing to tame the cravings!

I was happily surprised to see how easy it was to make and that it only required a small amount of ingredients. All of the ingredients mixed easily and I did not even have to use my electric beater. Once we had mixed all the ingredients together we put it in the cake tin and then into the oven at 180 degrees and then awaited eagerly.

About 45 minutes later we took it out and let it cool for another torturous 10 minutes while the heavenly smell took over the house. Once we had iced it and cut it, it was finally time to eat it (at last!!). All huddled in the lounge with hot chocolate warming our hands and a movie in the dvd player, we devoured the cake.

There were 4 of us and that cake (an average to large sized cake) lasted approximately 10 minutes, it was moist and sweet and addictive! I loved this cake and will definitely be buying it again.

Personal Choice
shellcruise   Review #12149 - Dated: 26th of July, 2014
  Author: shellcruise

It was the day of my husbands birthday and ran into the supermarket for a couple of things. I was originally going to buy a cake from the bakery as did not have time to bake one myself, but when I saw the prices was not impressed. This was on special for $2.99 so I jumped at the opportunity and meant the girls could decorate by themselves.

Was nice and easy to make just mix cake mixture, eggs, butter and milk into a mixing bowl. On low speed mix for about 30 seconds to combine and then increase the speed to medium and mix for a further 2 minutes. Place in oven for just under an hour at 160 degrees. Simple!

My husband knew we were baking a cake and knew how excited the girls were about being a surprise so he popped out with my youngest while my oldest and I waited for it to finish cooking. Once the timer had gone off I pulled it out to let cool and then placed on a wire rack while the rest of the dinner was underway. My daughter could not wait to decorate and waiting for it to cool down was absolute torture for her.

Finally she got to ice with green icing and decorated with sprinkles and lollies. After dinner she jumped from her seat and ran to the kitchen to bring out. I was really concerned it was going to be dry but I needed be this cake really was so moist. It was delicious and everyone loved it. Both girls said they wanted to have that cake for their birthdays.

For $2.99 you can not complain. So light and fluffy and looks really appetising.

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