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  ProdID: 5006 - Dodge the dinoDeveloped byHoldsons Product Score: 8.1 
Dodge the dino

Price : $19.99
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Collect the eggs - but watch out for the crazy Dino!

    •  A spinning dinosaur
    •  Dino Rock board game
    •  Playing track
    •  4 cave people playing pieces
    •  12 dinosaur eggs
    •  Dice
    •  Rules.

    •  Age 3 - 5 years.
    •  2 - 4 players.
Fun Factor
Easy to Understand
Personal Choice
haykay   Review #11199 - Dated: 16th of May, 2014
  Author: haykay

My son was given this for his 2nd birthday.

It is a interactive board game where you need to build the jigsaw board, pick up dinosaur eggs along the way and also get the chance to pin the dinosaur.

It is made with strong cardboard and is stored nicely in a sturdy box. The game pieces are also tough and I like that they give you 2 extra eggs than you need to play the game. The dinosaur in the middle is a hit with my son as you get the opportunity to knock other players off the dinosaur rock/nest and they loose their eggs.

This game has taught my son colours as the dice is a colour dice rather than numbers. It has also taught him that sometimes we have to loose our eggs and go back to the beginning (a very hard concept for some kids). I think it is a great stepping stone before playing a game with a numbered dice.

One thing that I think could be improved on with this game is the way the dinosaur spins. It is not very stable and does not always spin very well. Even as an adult it is hard to get a good spin on it. The game can also become quite long as when only two of you are playing it can take a while to collect all the eggs so gets a bit repetitive and my son quite often never finishes.

Overall though I think it is a great concept and I like the way the company had made a game out of good quality products.

Fun Factor
Easy to Understand
Personal Choice
kiwigirl04   Review #10370 - Dated: 9th of January, 2014
  Author: kiwigirl04

My son got this game for his 3rd birthday and just loves it, its nice and simple and easy to learn. its aimed at children 3-5 years old with 2-4 players. Its very easy to set up and put away, its like a puzzle on a board game. The rules are simple and my kids love it, my two kids are 4 and 5 and still enjoy this game every so often.

The aim is to get the most eggs so you keep going around until all eggs are collected, of course there is a catch to collecting them, there is a dino that sits on top and at anytime someone can roll the dino on the dice and knock everyone in the dino's path off with a quick spin. You can only take 2 eggs back to the path at a time and you want to aim for the brown eggs.Just avoid the dino and you should be fine, once back to the path around you go again.

This game teaches children so much, they learn how to collect and start to learn about spaces, if there are only 2 spaces at the bottom of your person you can only take two eggs, not more. They learn about colours as you go around the board the its not numbers you count its colours you land on, so a orange dot on the dice means go to an orange spot. They learn the concept of counting, when they need to count up their eggs or count how many they have with them. The game is short and sweet takes about 10mins to finish.

If you want a game for your little one but worried they wont understand to move the numbers on the dice, this would be great for them as its does colours for spaces not numbers. Its nice and easy to learn and preschoolers will love it. They always love to spin the dino and see who they can knock off if anyone, and for $20 its pretty good

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