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  ProdID: 4981 - D-Link HD Wireless N Cube Cloud Network Camera - DCS-2132LBrand:D-Link Product Score: 10.0 
D-Link HD Wireless N Cube Cloud Network Camera - DCS-2132L

Price : $379.99
Supplier :
Available : at selected quality retailers

24/7 HD Surveillance for Your Home or Office
The DCS-2132L is built with a megapixel image sensor to give you high-quality snapshots and video with resolutions up to 720p HD. This gives you sharp, high-resolution snapshots and videos with rich detail. Get a closer look with ePTZ, which lets you zoom in, zoom out, and pan across your camera's video so you can survey a large area easily. An infrared cut removable (ICR) filter is also built into the DCS-2132L, which blocks infrared light during the day for improved image quality. At night, it moves out of the way to use all available light for low-light surveillance, and paired with the IR LED illuminator, this camera can monitor an area even in complete darkness.

Anywhere Access with mydlink
The HD Wireless N Cube Network Camera is mydlink-enabled, which means that you can access and configure your camera remotely, no matter where you are. See your camera's live view through the mydlink website, or download the mydlink mobile app and view your camera directly on your iOS or Android mobile device. Keep an eye on your home while you're at work, or check on the office when you're out on the road; mydlink makes it all possible.

Zero Configuration
If you have a mydlink-enabled Cloud Router, setting up and configuring your DCS-2132L is a snap, thanks to Zero Configuration. Simply connect your camera to its power adapter and then connect your camera to your Cloud Router with an Ethernet cable - the camera will automatically be added to your account. mydlink does the hard work for you, allowing even novice users to set up and use their mydlink-enabled cameras immediately.

Built for Versatility
The DCS-2132L comes with a wealth of features that enhance its surveillance capabilities, making it ideal for any situation. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects motion near the camera, allowing it to automatically record video and send you a notification when motion is detected. A built-in microphone and speaker allow for 2-way communication, which is ideal for use in entryways or for caretaker applications. It even includes 802.11n wireless connectivity, allowing it to be placed anywhere easily without requiring cabling to be installed.

A Complete, Expandable Surveillance Solution
The DCS-2132L is a self-sufficient surveillance solution, capable of recording snapshots and video to a MicroSD card without requiring a PC or network storage device. If you want to expand your surveillance options, D-ViewCam management software is also included, giving you the ability to manage up to 32 cameras with a robust set of features, including multi-camera views and automated e-mail alerts to keep you informed of suspicious or unusual activities.
Value for Money
Personal Choice
kiwigirl04   Review #10350 - Dated: 6th of January, 2014
  Author: kiwigirl04

We have recently been broken into and when I say recent I mean in August 2013. Since then my husband and I were going on about how cameras would be awesome and we could of caught those that were in our house taking our items. Sadly we have never had the money to buy such items, but when D-Link offered some cameras though KIWIreviews, I was happy to ask to review this product. So far I have been so happy with this little camera, there is so much you can do with it.

It comes in a simple box and is easy to set up, I understood how to do it but hubby wouldn't let me - he wanted to do it - so I watched him and within minutes he had it done and set up. We set it up through my email and on computers, phone, tablet and iPad, and now we can view it anywhere we go as long as we can get access to the net. It is little and you can hide it well in the house to see areas you want to see, like the lounge, bedrooms, outside as long as its not looking out a window as the glass gives it a shine, but it its kinda looking out the window though a gap, so it works fine.

We set it up in our 5 year old's bedroom as we have problems getting her to go to sleep and with the camera in there we could see what she was doing, mucking around, we could hear her though the app and the D-Link website and most of all we could talk though it to tell her to lie down and get into bed. Now having this camera just in time for Christmas worked a treat on my young children as well, telling them it's a camera that Santa can see and the camera would get moved around the house. As long as you can plug it in to power, you can put it anywhere, including the tent outside. (Yup, done that too.)

If you have an SD card you can put that in and it will record movements that you can play back later on and see what was going on. This is perfect for when you go away and you have a house sitter or someone coming in to check on animals - you can watch what they were up to. I do like that when the camera gets movement it gives my phone a little buzz and I can check it and see what is going on. If you have more than one camera you can set them all up in different areas with names on them. Our one currently says lounge as that is where it stays most of the time, I can watch the kids in the morning without having to get out of bed (lazy days).

Now as for the price, I would say its good for those with money but for people like me on low incomes it wouldn't fit into our budget sadly. We would love more but that won't happen for a long long time, but happy with the one for now. The bonus is my kids think Santa is still watching them. ^;)

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