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  ProdID: 4832 - Earthwise Lavender Air FreshenerManufactured byEarthwise Product Score: 10.0 
Earthwise Lavender Air Freshener

Price : $7.90
Supplier :
Available : supermarkets and suppliers website

Earthwise plant based Air Freshener provides a refreshing nature, inspired fragrance burst for your home. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and indoor living areas where a pleasant scent is desired. Contains biodegradable surfactants - a gentler choice for you and your family.

Personal Choice
kady   Review #19853 - Dated: 27th of August, 2018
  Author: kady

I bought this air freshener several months ago and it's still going strong. I wanted a trigger spray rather than an aerosol and an eco-product. I only ever buy eco-friendly products for several reasons because I'm extremely sensitive to strong smells o non eco-friendly products are all extremely irritating. I find that their incredibly strong smells stay in clothing and are impossible to wash out. I also think - why buy a non eco-friendly product when a lovely smelling eco-friendly product will do at least as well if not better?

This product has proven to be a great purchase. Price-wise it was only slightly more expensive than aerosol sprays ($3.99 not on special) and the smell is so pleasant and it lingers for a long time. I spray it around our bathroom/toilet and know that it has been used by members of the family in the same way as VIPoo (spray directly into the toilet) but it's a fraction of the price of that product.

There are other varieties that I'll be trying next - Apple Blossom & Sweet Tangerine but as they're not available in my local supermarket I'll have to hunt them down out of town. This product has been great, as have the other Earthwise products I've purchased. I trust this brand.

Personal Choice
samantha203   Review #9951 - Dated: 13th of October, 2013
  Author: samantha203

I have been using this air freshener for a few weeks now and absolutely love it, though after the day I had today cleaning Miss 11's pig sty of a room I love it even more! I entered her room today and started cleaning through the chaos the whole time wondering what the foul smell was lingering in the air. I was sniffing carpets, blankets, you name it trying to find the source and felt like I was going to throw up it was that bad. I sprayed the room with an abundance of air freshener and that helped keep my stomach down until I could locate the source and remove it.

Well the source was found indeed eventually in a mug of who knows how old hot chocolate that no longer resembled a liquid. That was quickly disposed of and I then sprayed the room vigorously some more just to make absolutely certain that the smell was removed. Later on when I had to return to her now tidy room to put away some clean washing I noticed that there was still a hint of lavender fragrance in the room, so the scent certainly lasted a while as well without being in your nose offensively intense.

That is what I love about this air freshener is it provides such a nice natural type fragrance that comes in the form of a light mist through the trigger. It is light so it doesn't get up your nose or catch in the back of your throat like aerosol air fresheners can. I also like that it is not an aerosol as it is so much better for the environment and for your family's health not containing those ingredients. I did end up with some on my skin after spraying the room like a mad woman as it comes down in a fine mist when it settles and this had no affect on my skin at all.

The bottle seems to be lasting a long time too as it comes out as a mist it covers a good area without using a lot of the spray which makes it well worth the price that it is. There are a few different fragrances out there but I like this one the best as the lavender creates quite a mild and calming scent and leaves the room smelling lovely and fresh. I have a bottle for my toilet and one that stays in the kitchen and I use them daily to remove odours quickly.

Have to say this saved my stomach today and cleaning up after Hurricane Casidy would of been a lot less pleasant without it. From now on there are no more foods or drinks to enter that room but at least I know if she breaks the rules I have my little magic solution for cleansing the air!

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