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  ProdID: 4258 - Stir Fry Creations - Honey, Soy & Garlic ChickenBrand / Manufacturer :Maggi Product Score: 9.1 
Stir Fry Creations - Honey, Soy & Garlic Chicken

Price : $2.99
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Available : Yes

NEW MAGGI Stirfry Creations uses a unique two step process to create those great Asian flavours that are so hard to achieve at home. The secret is in the layering of flavours and ingredients - but it doesn't need to be difficult. In around 20 minutes you can have a delicious dinner ready for the family to enjoy.

1. TEAR IT - Pull apart the two sachets, using the perforation down the centre of the pack.
2. INFUSE IT - In a medium size bowl stir Infusion Paste through meat, set aside for 2-5 minutes while you prepare vegetables.
3. COOK IT - Heat saucepan or wok over high heat, add 1 tbsp oil. Add meat to pan, cook for 5 minutes. Add vegetables to pan, stir through and cook for 3 minutes.
4. FINISH IT - Pour Finishing Sauce into pan, stir through, cook for a further 2 minutes and serve with rice or noodles. Serves 4.
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melissaandchloe   Review #15977 - Dated: 22nd of April, 2016
  Author: melissaandchloe

Out of all of the Maggi Stirfry Creation sauces the Honey, Soy and Garlic Chicken has to be the favourite of my family's. Like all of the sauces in the range this one has the ingenious idea of having 2 separate sauces which each get added at different stages of the cooking, one is an infusion sauce and the other a finishing sauce.

Over the years I have tried many different honey, soy and garlic sauces and I can happily say this has to be up there as one of the best. To prepare your meal is simple and only requires 4 easy, simple steps. You first cut up your chicken and add it to a bowl with the infusion paste to 'infuse' as you prepare the rest of your stirfry ingredients. When your ready you cook your chicken then add your vegetables, and last but not least you add the finishing sauce and cook briefly until the sauce is heated through. It really is simple to prepare and super tasty to eat.

When making this dish I tend to serve it with either rice or noodles, however I have served it several times with either mashed potato or couscous. You can add any vegetables that you wish to it or even a handful of cashew nuts perhaps, though my family are very fussy when it comes to such things so I have yet to do this, and our vegetables seem to of always consist of peas, corn, beans, carrot, brocolli and cauliflower though I'd happily have others myself. This meal is such a hit that there is never any left overs for the next day!

These would be a regular purchase in our house, and I look forward to seeing if Maggi brings out any new flavours to add to the range.

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kymmage   Review #8715 - Dated: 1st of June, 2013
  Author: kymmage

Once a long time ago there was a similar infuse and then cook in sauce product on the market. It was a curry type of thing and I cooked it up. I served it to my then teenage boyfriend (lucky he grew some manners with age, and I married him) who decided it was yucky and went out for McDonalds. With this firmly in mind, I was not entirely sure this product was going to be a hit.

Add to that, a daughter who prefers no sauce on her noodles and I was up against it from the start. But we have been having a lot of stir-fry meals recently, so I decided to brave it. This product comes in a flat-pack bag. It has two separate compartments for the infusion sauce and then the simmer sauce. The packet opened easily enough and I didn't have any issues accidently opening both sides at once.

I initially thought that I was too late to infuse the chicken. Usually it needs hours to take in the full flavour. But the product says it only needs 2 - 3 minutes. I had the chicken in for about 20 minutes anyway, and that was a good amount of time to take on the flavour. I then cooked this up with noodles, a bag of stir-fry mix and the simmer sauce. I found this quite fast to put together and relatively easy, even with the extra piece of infusing the meat. I can't wait to try other sauces in this range.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
flabbergastered   Review #8664 - Dated: 25th of May, 2013
  Author: flabbergastered

This is my absolute favourite chicken dish of all time!! I can't believe how simple it was to make and the taste absolutely blow my mind. The instructions were super easy to follow...so first I ripped the sachets apart, then added the infusion sauce to the chicken pieces and straight away I was salivating at the smell of the gorgeous infusion liquid....I left the flavours to infuse the chicken while I prepared the rice and vegetables.

After 5 minutes I added the infused chicken pieces to the fry pan that I has already cooked onion in and cooked the chicken and the smell of the infusion filled the whole house and even just with the infusion flavour pouch the dish looked like it could have been eaten just like that!! once the chicken was cooked I added the veggies heated them through and added the finishing sauce and the smell of honey and soy filled the house.

The look and the smell of the cooking dish was amazing, I was amazed that it actually smelled like a chicken dish that would be cooked in a restaurant...and it tasted actually the same too. I could see the honey in the dish it was sticking to the chicken and has coated it almost to the point of caramelising it during the cooking process. The soy I could also see and smell and mixed together with the honey made the chicken a delicious sticking bite of goodness.

The combination of ingredients and flavour made this dish just like a brought one!! I served it over rice but would love to try it with fettuccine pasta mixed through it...so guess what is at the top of my shopping list for next week and probably the week after that and the week after that! It is so good I can't wait.

The advertisement on the television is a hoot to watch too, where the lady is trying to film the maker of the dish to see how the professionals do it and now the secret is out because this one little packet literally turns any cook or chef into a professional.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
mizim   Review #8450 - Dated: 15th of May, 2013
  Author: mizim

[pic^https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/971043_10151906686569746_1417187816_n.jpg^^W^pic]I wanted to give this a go as I really like Honey, Soy and Garlic sauces and so I'm always on the look out for a great tasting sauce that has a good flavour without one overpowering the other. I thought it was a neat idea that you can infuse your food first, and then add the second sauce after.

I decided to make a vegetable and egg fried rice dish as I was feeling like a nice and easy dish. The great thing about a sauce is that it can go on anything you want, and so we put this on our vegetarian "chicken" to infuse. We then cooked the "chicken" so that it would sit on top of the fried rice, and I loved how it came out with a slightly sticky texture (always a big plus for me).

This was a nice and easy sauce. It's not the best that I have tasted but if it is on sale or the cheaper option when I do my shopping then I'll get it again, and I'll try the other flavours too.

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