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  ProdID: 2692 - Stoke - AmberBrewed/Bottled byMcCashin's Brewery Product Score: 9.4 
Stoke - Amber

Price : $18.99 / 6 pack
Supplier :
Available : at selected retailers

Stoke - Brewed for 3 weeks by the McCashin family.

We hope you enjoy this Stoke Amber. We made it the old fashioned way and never cut corners. It's brewed using Nelson's famous organic hops, premium malt, our own bespoke yeast and 14,000 year old Paleo water - No artificial additives or colouring.

Stoke is tank conditioned over 3 weeks - that's where the hint of honey and smooth mouth feel come from. Next time you're in Nelson, come and meet the team at our family brewery.

Actually NZ owned - Crafted in Nelson
    •  330ml
    •  4.5% alcohol by volume
    •  Approx 1.2 'standard' drinks
Personal Choice
onyxcyrus   Review #19128 - Dated: 7th of December, 2017
  Author: onyxcyrus

The stoke range would have to be by far my favourite out of the craft beers. The Amber, one of the best in the range, takes you on a journey, its full flavour of hops is incredibly refreshing and holds interesting characteristics. At first, you can taste a hint of sweet caramel as the beer hits your tongue then it ends with a more bitter taste and leaves a nice subtle cocoa flavour behind as it slides down the throat. This beer is an ideal drink year round in both summer and winter. Everyone loves it when I turn up to a BBQ with a box and it doesn't last long!

Its an affordable price for such an amazing craft beer. Its great that you can get it in 12 packs for usually about $23 on special, as well as an easy-to-carry 6 pack for about $17 and it's so easy to find being at pretty much any bottle store. It's also really cool to see is that it's a New Zealand brewed beer that is made in Nelson as I love supporting NZ companies. It would be great if it was more available in supermarkets and on tap in bars throughout the country.

I think this is a great craft beer and recommend everyone give a shot!

Personal Choice
kymmage   Review #5365 - Dated: 4th of February, 2012
  Author: kymmage

My husband picked up a 6 pack of these the other night, mostly because he liked the bottle. It wasn't a twist top, and the design was nice and clean. He is doing the home-brew thing at the moment, so recyclable bottles are pretty important to him.

The first taste of this beer gives you a caramel hit. This is a feature of a good Amber beer. The Amber colour is usually achieved by using extra malt rather than sugars. This gives you a slightly less sweet beer, but the right warm amber colour. Next the hops flavour hits you. The beer is a bit like a pilsner in its level of hops and bitterness.

The after taste of bitterness doesn't linger as long as some beers. And the end note, had a flavour of bush honey. On the second taste the flavour of bush honey is just a bit more obvious. Overall very drinkable, and definitely on the shopping list for next time.

Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #3974 - Dated: 21st of September, 2010
  Author: Tucker

A very close second runner in my fave stakes when it cometo the Stoke range of beers, this is a slightly more rounded beer, with delicate hints of flavours sneaking through. Not one to be guzzled like cheap lagers, that's for sure - this is a beer to savour and enjoy slowly.

To be different, I tried this one at room temperature and found it seriously delightful... something I never would have considered with beers - which tend to be consumed when chilled. I guess it's a bit of the British blood in me coming out.

The hops taste is there, slightly stronger than the Gold but not as strong as the Dark - which is to be expected really. Under that are a range of flavour hints that defy clear description by an uneducated palate like mine... so I leave it to you to decide what they are. All were pleasant for me, at least.

Overall, this was a real dark-horse beer for me... I didn't know what to expect but loved what I found... and will certainly be hunting for it in stores when I have the cash to spare.

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