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  ProdID: 2014 - Retractable Laser Stow-N-Go Laptop Mouse - AMU41USManufactured byTargus Product Score: 8.5 
Retractable Laser Stow-N-Go Laptop Mouse - AMU41US

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The Targus Retractable Laser Stow-N-Go Laptop Mouse incorporates tilt-wheel technology that allows you to scroll side to side*, as well as up and down for efficient viewing of spreadsheets, photos, web pages and more.

For added convenience, this laser mouse features a programmable scroll button* which allows you to zoom, magnify and more. It also provides adjustable cursor speed with a one-touch button that allows you to switch between 1600/1200/800 DPI settings which is ideal for widescreen laptops.

For easy cable management the retractable cord is adjustable so the length will always work with your workstation whether at home or on the go. The cable also attaches to the bottom of the mouse making it easy to pack the mouse without damaging the cord.

    •  Retractable Stow-N-Go&trade cord: combining the reliability of a wired USB cord, with a retractable and stowable feature allows users to easily transport their Targus mouse
    •  Tilt Wheel Technology*: Easily scroll through large documents or photos with the 4-way scroll capability (scroll left and right through large spreadsheets or large photos)
    •  Programmable Scroll Button*: Program the scroll button for zoom, magnify and more using the provided software
    •  Adjustable DPI Settings: Adjust between 800/1200/1600 DPI. Ideal for users who need to adjust mouse tracking speed for better control, ideal in gaming or in design

* Note: Some features require a software download from www.targus.com
cheekiedrakie   Review #2869 - Dated: 7th of March, 2009
  Author: cheekiedrakie

This is a good mouse, the lack of blinding red or blue light is certainly a benefit as this mouse has an invisible laser rather than your standard red or blue laser. It's a reasonably sized mouse which is beneficial for someone with hands as large as mine but not so large that someone with smaller hands is will find it uncomfortable or an inconvenience. I've not had any problems with cramping or any such ailments since using it.

I can't honestly speak for the durability of it as I don't tend to beat my computer mice up but for a mouse that's in and out of the computer bag and being used every day, durability does not seem to be a problem.

This mouse seems to be fairly accurate especially when using programs such as [[search=photoshop]]Photoshop[[/search]].

The features of this mouse include a four-directional tilt wheel (which is programmable with software downloaded from the Targus website). The retractable cable tucks nicely into a spot on the bottom of the mouse which makes stowing and transport much more convenient.

Overall, a very good mouse and very recommendable.

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