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Product reviews on kiwireviews.nz : Friday 21st June 2024 - 03:15:00

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Visible wherever you are allowed to submit your say, this will take you to a form where you can enter a review (if you are logged in and a Silver or Gold member), or user comment (all visitors and members alike. Comments won't affect the Product Score.)
Report a listing or review
If you wish to dispute information contained in the LISTING itself - the bit describing the product or business - look for this icon in the toolbar by the product score. Click it to start the process.

If you wish to dispute any of the facts or opinions in any of the reviews themselves, please use the icon in the infobar of the review in question.
Add this listing to your Watchlist
This will only be visible if you are Silver or Gold member and currently logged in. You have a personalised WatchList, that stores and displays a list of any products you have tagged an interest in. Think of it as our in-site version of bookmarks. When you log in, your watchlist will be displayed in the Members Area main menu. You can also click these icons in the Product listing itself, to add/remove the current listing.
Email this review to a friend
This is available to everyone. Feel free to use this feature to send a pre-formatted email about this listing to a friend. PLEASE NOTE: This feature is subject to our "200% No-Spam Guarantee".
Printer-Friendly version of the page
This is available to everyone. This will bring up a new window, with a printer-friendly format of this page. White background and minimal colour panels ensure you save ink while keeping the information easily readable.
Link to this product
This is available to everyone. This button will bring up our Link Page. From here you can copy-n-paste html-compliant code to link to this review. Code is available for a number of button colours and styles.
What is a ProdID?
The ProdID is the unique identifying number that every Product Listing carries. All references to that product are linked through the ProdID. If you have seen a listing you wish to refer back to later, or wish to pass on to someone else, you can simply note down the ProdID and enter that into any of the "Got a ProdID?' dialog boxes throughout the site. This will cause the site to jump you directly to that listing, bypassing all other pages and screens.

ProdID's can also be found on signs and posters displayed by participating companies. They can also be embedded in a hyperlink under an "As Seen on KIWIreviews" button on websites. Keep an eye out for them, you never know where you'll see one.
What is the product Score?
A Product Score is the total average score from all listed reviews. Each review carries 4 Points of Review. These will vary from product to product, but are the same for all products in a given subcategory. The average of these 4 PoR's is the Review Score. The Product Score is the average of all the Review Scores.
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