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  ProdID: 982 - Shostakovich - Chamber MusicPerformed byAssorted Performers Product Score: 9.8 
Shostakovich - Chamber Music

Price : $29.95
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Available : At all good music stores.

Shostakovich: is there more than symphonies and string quartets? Yes, this composer wrote a hugely varied oeuvre. His chamber music works are relatively few in number and cover the main genres. They also represent the different styles Shostakovich employed and span his entire career as a composer. The viola sonata is Shostakovich's very last composition.

This set of 3 CD's contains seven of the best works for small ensembles and solo instrument by Shostakovich. It includes the Piano quintet (1940) and Piano trio (1944). Also with both Sonatas for solo piano (1926, 1942), the Sonatas for violin, viola and cello respectively with piano accompaniment.

Of course, all these works have been recorded before. This set, however, offers an unusual and therefor attractive combination. For some reason most of these works are not performed in a concert hall that often.

Excellent performances by internationally renowned musicians like violinists Isabelle van Keulen and Paul Rosenthal. Also playing The Amsterdam Chamber Music Society (Het Reizend Muziekgezelschap).
Value for Money
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diogenes   Review #1296 - Dated: 8th of June, 2006
  Author: diogenes

At under $30 for a three CD set, this is well within the realms of a budget recording, yet the price belies the standard of the recordings. Internationally reknown player have come together to produce a recording of the utmost quality.

The quality of the music and the sound on the CD is superior to many other recording of lower price. The choice of music is interesting, some of these pieces I am not familiar with and will enjoy getting to know the other side of the music that Shostakovich wrote. These recordings highlight music written for various instruments - piano, viola, violin and cello; and represent an interesting array of music written for these instruments in the modern age of 'classical' music.

For the price, the music and the musicians who collaborated on this release, I must say that this CD is worthy of a place in anyone's collection - including yours.

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