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  ProdID: 872 - Children's Map of the Solar SystemProduced byDino's Maps Product Score: 9.3 
Children's Map of the Solar System

Price : $14.95
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Available : at various stationery retailers

Now available in New Zealand from Mahobe, these unique children's maps include hundreds of historical, educational illustrations and points of interest, created by award-winning artists.

Each map is drawn by a different artist, utilizing their unique style so that each looks different in some way. The maps include hundreds of illustrations of animals, landmarks, and characteristics specific to the city or country. The Solar System map includes fun illustrations of the planets, the stars, as well as the history of space travel.

Experts in geography, history, ethnology, biology, architecture, history of arts and similar fields participated actively in developing a product of the highest possible quality. The combination of detailed information and creativity has resulted in the best of important educational information made fun for children

Size: 136cm x 96cm
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vivid   Review #1132 - Dated: 5th of March, 2006
  Author: vivid

After watching a series of documentaries about our Universe it was really good to have this map handy while trying to explain it to the audience of young children visiting. Using this map I was able to show them if not the physics of stellar formation, at least the results of the process. I could point out how the sun spun in the centre and the accretion disc had lumped into balls we now call planets, and how the leftovers became the Asteroid and Kuiper belts. This map/poster is absolutley chokka block full of illustrations, perhaps too many. There are a lot of astronomical objects and space craft shown, but there are also a lot of utter nonsense images. Yes, they increase the fun factor, but can make it difficult for a child to spot the orbital pathways the various key bodies travel along. However, this map is huge and so I dare say it would look rather bare without the extras, so they come as a mixed blessing. The size is also the only tiny drawback I found, in that I haven't got a bare patch of wall within eye-range of my youngun, so you will need to ensure you have a significant patch of space available if you plan to mount it on the wall long-term. For now, it lives rolled up in a tube and comes out only when the bedroom floor is free of toys and furniture. When it does make an appearance though, it is a real winner, and it is at an unbelievably low price, I thought they had made a mistake when I first saw it. I would have been happy to have paid another $20 for this and still would have thought it a bargain. At this price, it's a steal!

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