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  ProdID: 8208 - Glass Marker PensBrand / Manufacturer :CrazyDeal.co.nz Product Score: 9.4 
Glass Marker Pens

Price : $8.18 / set of 6 pens
Supplier :
Available : via online store

Label your drinks and glasses. Or marking your jars, spice bottles, a message on the coffee cups/mugs etc. Use them for names or write on wine bottles for gifts. Also always know where your glass or bottle is. These pens will work on any glass stemware or tumblers. Also they are versatile enough to work on leaded crystal, plastic and glazed ceramics. The perfect accessory for any parties or occasions.

    •  Personalize your guests' drinks.
    •  Made from food safe, non-toxic ink that can be used on any glass, plate, or ceramics.
    •  So Easy To Use - Write on any glass or ceramic surface and let dry for 3 to 5 minutes to ensure your message stays on the entire life of your party.
    •  Easy to clean, just wash with soap and water or in the dishwasher.
    •  Wine marker pens make perfect hostess and housewarming gifts and are a great party favor or unique gift ideas.

    •  Colour in each pack: 2x Silver, 1x Blue, 1x Red, 1x Green, 1x Gold.
    •  Liquid chalk ink does not smear while holding a glass.
    •  Pen size: Length: 12.6cm
Value for Money
Personal Choice
kiwigirl04   Review #20584 - Dated: 5th of May, 2019
  Author: kiwigirl04

So with 6 people in our house daily we yes a lot if glasses cause kids don't like reusing they use and into the dishwasher they go. So when these came out I was excited to try them for the sake of my dishes. When they arrived there was no instructions so had to pop online to look them up which was a pain. Would of bedn much better for something written with the pens.

Before looking up the instructions we tried the pens on cups and nothing stayed on it came off right away that's when looking up instructions came about 3-5mins wait time when you write so we tried that and it still smudged don't think our hands were dry enough but found if we left them for a good 5-10mins it worked so much better.

The kids loved decorating their own cups and it meant they used the same one all day long saved my dishes. In the mornings before I go to work I write instructions for the kids before they go to school on the window which is great. And notes for my partner on our green splash back. It works perfect as it rubs off well with a wet cloth leaving no marks. Perfect for bored toddlers to draw on the window only issue I had with that they thought other pens did same thing so that had to stop for them.

The pens are lovely colours and don't run when writing on different surfaces and easy to take the lid on and off with a clicking noise to indicate the lid is on tight. The price isn't too bad considering what they can do. But when they run out I'll be keen for more my only issue is buying the whole six if I only need 1-2 pens. These would be perfect for a party as long as the names are on beforehand.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
hjproffit   Review #20561 - Dated: 15th of April, 2019
  Author: hjproffit

When I saw these glass marker pens I wanted to try these. We are a crazy busy household with multiple things happening at once. Due to this, I have a black glass board on the wall that all our reminders and appointments are recorded on. I also record on my fridge the items we need to get in the shopping. I have previously used window chalk markers with varying results. Most the colour fades or doesn't work on the black at all and some are so runny that it just blends together.

When the pens arrived I was straight into the package and getting the pens. They come in 5 colours, red, blue, green, gold and silver. There's nothing flash about the pens when you look at them, they just look like a kid's felt tip pen. They are a good size and easy to hold. The lids clip on so the kids knew when the lid was on properly. They were also easy enough for them to open themselves.

Off to the black glass board I went. I wasn't expecting great things due to previous pens used on it. I started writing and was pleasantly surprised. There was no running, they weren't watery. They were clear and stayed on the glass well. I was able to rub off any mistakes I had made easily. Even after letting them dry the colours were still identifiable and the words readable. Next the fridge. This is white. The pens worked just as well on here.

We then thought we must try them on drinking glasses. The kids got a glass each and started decorating. They were easily able to draw pictures and write on the glasses. The markers dried fast and left no mess. The kids loved doing this and it would be great to use when the extended family are over.

Overall, I love these pens. At $8.18 for 6 pens I think this is an awesome deal. I would recommend these to anyone who may need to mark glasses for parties or like me have glass board for reminders. When these run out I will be purchasing another set.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
mizim   Review #20520 - Dated: 31st of March, 2019
  Author: mizim

I don't have many parties or such at my house, but when I do, there is usually around twenty extra people in the house, which means a lot of cups and pretty much always some confusion as to which cup belongs to whom. These arrived too late for me to use them at the last party but that didn't mean I couldn't give them plenty of use and see if they would be of any good use for the next one. My youngest intiailly thought they were for general drawing, which they do work well for, but she was very excited to get to try it on things one usually isn't allowed to draw on, like our cups and plates (and later the windows).

We mainly use plastic cups (the joys of clumsy friends and family), so we gave these a try. They worked really well, sometimes it felt a little thin but usually by the time it had dried it looked nice and solid. We did find that they rubbed off if touched though, so told the kids to not hold the cups on the side with writing, so the writing would only last if everyone was cautious about which side they were holding. This did come in very handy though, when our usual Thursday night dinner guests were over, it meant that I could label the cups, shift them, and not have to worry about giving the wrong cup back.

I gave a bottle of wine as a prezzie and couldn't be bothered attempting to wrap it up, so I pulled these out, I wrote "Happy Day of Your Birth" and then handed the pens to the kids, who had a blast decorating the bottle with little people and hearts. In a case like this, it would be a fun way to personalize it, you could keep one in the car for those times when it's a last minute gift and you don't have any wrapping paper on hand. The favourite part for the kids was being able to draw on the windows... This came off with such ease when washed that two of my kids had a blast drawing, then cleaning the windows and then drawing again (could be a good way to get the windows washed).

You do need to be careful when using on cups, as it can wear off simply due to being touched and it would have bene good to have some information on them, such as if the ink would be safe if injested, but other than that, a fab little product with a good range of use.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
tamstar22   Review #20516 - Dated: 28th of March, 2019
  Author: tamstar22

These are fabulous pens and I was so excited to receive these to review the pens. My son was excited as well as he loves doing arts and craft and straight away grabbed a glass to decorate. I thought these would be fabulous as there is nothing worse when your having drinks with friends and your wine glasses get mixed up. Or also kids parties and everyone drinks from the same cup as no one knows which one theirs is.

My son loved the pens and found them great and easy to use. He made a cool as design on the glass cup and loved how he could wipe it off if he made a mistake. He also loved how the ink followed out nicely from the pen. Wasn't like a thin texture on the glass but wasn't thick either. Was fabulous for his creative side as can wash the glass and start again.

I just happened to be having a ladies night at my house over the weekend so was perfect to use them. The ladies were excited about there personalised wine glass and all commented how fabulous they were and how they needed them for their own house. Selling point is the fact they wash off and can start again next time with new names or designs. Works out perfect, and so ideal on the night for no one getting confused over whose glass is whose.. A brilliant idea these pens are and awesome and fun to use.

overall super happy with the pens and I think they are brilliant and so do my friends and family. Loved using them and loved how great they are and perfect for the price as well. Would be a cool gift for your wine drinking mates or anyone really. Come in great use, kids parties also. very cool and great with the range of colours to and two silvers are a extra bonus.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
nikkib90   Review #20503 - Dated: 23rd of March, 2019
  Author: nikkib90

I have the most wonderful black glass board in my pantry to help keep life on track with a very busy family. The flouro writing pens I purchased for it are a bit of a let down and don't perform particularly well. I was so excited to see Glass Marker Pens were available for review on KIWIreviews and thrilled when they turned up in the parcel.

Immediately I decided to re-write my board with the details for the week using the Glass Marker Pens, I was unsure how bright the colours would be on a black background and was very surprised when they came out bright and vibrant! Not only were the colours great the ease of writing with them was great, the ink came out right away, there was no lumping or smudging and the final outcome was one that made me feel like I was back on track using by board and excited to look at it with the details of our week being easy to read for all.

Of course, as these are glass marker pens, I needed to try them out on glasses. So Friday night came along, which is unwind with the girls and a bottle of bubbles while the children play and we ease into the weekend. Often I put wine charms on my glasses but won't use them on the Waterford Crystal glasses as they can leave marks etching the glass when putting them on and off. So, out came the glass marker pens and each one of us drew a picture or symbol to easily identify our glass. It was easy to use on the stems and base of the glass, the pen didn't come off on our skin and at clean up time the writing came off in hot soapy water really easily. A win-win and the girls are interested in having a set at their homes for the same purposes.

We have birthdays coming up so I can see these being useful for writing on the front door window to greet the guests, on the bathroom mirror to remind the children of their morning tasks (brush teeth for 2 minutes) and a number of other uses. Thank you, this product has gone well beyond my expectations and for the price of $8.28 for a full set of 6 pens that is affordable and I won't hesitate to replace them with the same product if/when they run out.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
savta   Review #20497 - Dated: 19th of March, 2019
  Author: savta

It sounded like a good idea - we could not wait to test them out on our glasses. All of us were having a large glass of water, and two were having cider as well, so there were plenty of test opportunities. The children and I started by decorating the water glasses. We wrote names on them and added a few embellishments to make them more interesting, and then left them for a few minutes to dry as per the instructions before filling them with water.

We had understood that the writing would not smear, but quickly found that if hands were damp or sticky the writing quickly lifted off. A single drop of liquid was enough to start the smudge process, and even when we tried to keep our hands as dry as possible, there was still the risk of losing the clear image we had started with. This was a disappointment, but as the children's father said, at least it showed that it was safe to use the product on expensive glassware as it would be easy to remove.

Next we tried the cider glasses. These were actually beer handles, so hands did not come into contact with the surface. This time it was much more successful. The writing stayed put until the cider was all gone, and then washed off cleanly afterwards. It appears that this process would be suitable for children's parties only if the containers had some kind of handle. However, as one of the children pointed out, it would allow each person to select his or her drink at the start - and then hang on to the same container until the end of the party when the writing had gone.

My daughter tried them on her plastic freezer containers as she hates using paper stickers because they are fiddly, and permanent marker is a real nuisance! She found that the writing was stable until she rubbed it, so as long as the boxes were carefully stacked on a freezer shelf this might be a good way to use them. We also tried writing a message on a window and this was effective - something we might do at Christmas time as the colour choices provided look quite festive. We especially liked the gold; I can see that being used up first.

I would like to see some details on the product wrapper, even if it is just in the form of a stick-on label or outer sleeve. It is important to know if a product like this is non-toxic as young children handling glasses at a party will invariably end up touching the ink and then putting their fingers in their mouths. Even adults could be at risk when eating finger food so this is a vital point. It is also important to know about leaving the ink to set for a few minutes; I found that this waiting time was essential. Although the ink did smudge when touched with damp fingers, it was ok when handled carefully.

For a set of six pens the price is quite steep, but it is probably something that would be purchased for a special occasion rather than for everyday use. The children got a lot of fun decorating the glasses, and we managed to get a photo while the colours were still clear! They also found that the pens could be stacked to make one long pen, although I am not sure how you would use it like that! So, despite the reservations we had about functionality, we did enjoy the experience.

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