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  ProdID: 809 - Norton SystemWorks 2006Developed bySymantec Product Score: 8.8 
Norton SystemWorks 2006

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Enjoy a fine-tuned computer with Norton SystemWorks&trade 2006. This multi-purpose solution keeps your computer healthy, preventing and solving many common problems. Its antivirus protection - the most trusted on the planet - keeps your computer safeguarded against damaging virus attacks and dangerous spyware. And if trouble does occur, Norton SystemWorks is there to help you recover.

Key Features
    •  Automatically removes viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.
    •  Scans email and IM attachments for virus threats.
    •  Automatically downloads updates to protect against new threats.
    •  One-button Checkup scans your entire system for problems at the click of a mouse.
    •  IMPROVED! Restores your computer to a pre-crash state after system failures and other major problems.
    •  Recovers individual folders, files, and previous document versions?even if you forget to save them.
    •  IMPROVED! Cleans up unwanted cookies, cache, and temporary files that slow your computer's performance.
    •  Automatically detects and fixes Windows problems.
    •  Defragments and optimizes your hard drive for better performance.

New Features
    •  On-going Protection keeps your computer protected from the latest Internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the regular subscription price (plus applicable tax).*
    •  Detects and removes dangerous spyware, keystroke loggers, and other unwanted monitoring software.
    •  Prevents dangerous spyware programs from taking over your home page and redirecting you to their download sites.
    •  Monitors new software installations and reverses the process if the installation goes poorly or you decide you don't want the software.
    •  Gives you control over the Windows settings and processes running on your system.
Ease of Install
Ease of Use
wolf_eye   Review #1011 - Dated: 8th of December, 2005
  Author: wolf_eye

This is now the second year running that I have had SystemWorks on my computer and I have to say that I do not really know about my computer crashing. At first when I loaded the program I was not to sure if it was going to make a difference in the performance. The thing that I have noticed over the last few versions of the program is that it seems to make windows far more reliable. You are not plagued with constant error messages that keep appearing when things go wrong, it is as if SystemWorks fixes the problem before it has a chance to go wrong. This is a very good program to use if you are relying on your computer to operate consistantly without fail.
SystemWorks comes loaded with all the software that you are going to need to get you going. It is slightly more difficult to operate than the internet security pack, due to some of the jargon that is used in the software interface. It is also not something that I would recommend for a beginner user. The person this is going to suit is the intermediate to the advanced user. This is a must for running a small server as it is going to improve the performance and the reliability of the computer.
The greatest thing about this package is probably, in my view, Norton GoBack. If you have reloaded a database and something goes wrong, just wind the computer back to the restore point. The advantage of this is that the program does not run in windows so the operating system does not need to function for you to use GoBack. A true lifesaver, this does not mean that you do not back up as hard drives still fail.
The only draw back about the software is that it is quite resource intensive with all that is running in the background, however it is well worth it in the long run to suffer a little performance loss for a more reliable machine.
Over all the software is well worth the money and it really does increase the productivity by having less down time and less problems with software, and the operating system does what it should.

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