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  ProdID: 7600 - L'Authentique Louisiana AndouilleBrand:L'Authentique Product Score: 9.5 
L'Authentique Louisiana Andouille

Price : $9.99
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Available : at selected retail outlets

Our products use fresh free-range meat and produce, free from preservatives, gluten, starch and flour. This simplicity, and careful seasoning lets flavours shine, and with slow cooking the juices explode in your mouth. We also use natural casings, because it doesn't make sense to wrap something so good in something artificial.

No tomato sauce necessary.

Smokey, Spicy Southern Style, Hand-crafted Traditionally with Free-Range NZ Meat - Made in New Zealand by Imported Frenchmen.

Ingredients: Free-farmed NZ Pork, Smoked Paprika, Cumin, Garlic, Oregano, Thyme, Onion, Chilli, Salt, Spices & Natural Casings.
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Tucker   Review #18234 - Dated: 4th of July, 2017
  Author: Tucker

I do like some of the Cajun-style foods and flavours - sprinkling Cajun spice mix on my fries is always a highlight for me, so I was really looking forward to giving these a try. My biggest concern was that, after experiences with other all-meat-no-filler sausages, they can be easy to overcook, or they release so much oil they become unpleasant to eat.

After getting some good tips from the L'Authentique YouTube clip, I made sure to pull the sausages out ahead of time so they could relax and reach room temperature. Frying them on a high heat and turning them often, it took around 7-8 minutes to cook them fully without drying them out. As this was a breakfast meals, I dropped a couple of eggs into the frying pan to use up the little bit of oil that had seeped out of the sausages, and served them up with some cracked pepper on top. Simple, but oh so tasty.

The sausages were delightful - moist and rich, full of meaty flavour and no fillers in sight. As you can see from the photo, they are a solid sausage with a roughish texture, not that smooth, homogeneous texture you get when the fillings have been so heavily processed you don't know what you're really eating. These sausages reminded a lot of the home-made ones I enjoyed growing up. The perks of having a butcher in the family. ^;)

Overall, they were a real treat to eat, and reviewing this range has taught me things about cooking proper, decent sausages... and also helped me to identify what sausages are actually worth buying when I browse the supermarket chillers. Despite the price, which isn't actually all that bad for top-quality sausages, these are snagglers I will be happy to buy in future!

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