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  ProdID: 74 - Sony-Ericsson T610Manufactured bySony-Ericsson Product Score: 7.3 
Sony-Ericsson T610

Price : $799.00
Supplier :
Available : Now

The T610 is a sophisticated camera phone. It has a quality 65,536 color display, extensive picture sharing options and the latest messaging. The ring tones are polyphonic 32 voice. And for the best mobile games, the T610 supports Java(TM) download.

Too numerous to list here. See http://www.sonyericsson.com/nz/spg.jsp?page=start for full details.

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Ease of Use
Tucker   Review #58 - Dated: 16th of November, 2003
  Author: Tucker

Review Points:

A bit high priced, but for what you are getting, not overly out of the ballpark. Was a good deal with the $300 free airtime voucher as well. (Limited offer)

Very fully featured. Some of the highlights as far as I was concerned; Bluetooth, Infrared Port, WAP in full colour at a very good speed, Onboard Camera - handy for us asiring creative types, and REALLY handy for doing reviews on here! :)

Just check out the features list on the site! Seriously, would have given it a 10, but there is no way any SANE person will use EVERY SINGLE ONE of the features, it's just not rational to rely on a cellphone that much! :)

Ease of Use
What rates up, must rate down, at least somewhere. NOTHING is that perfect.
Due to the huge number of features, and the limited number of control surfaces, it is not so much a case of 'press this button', but more a case of 'use this combination to unlock this feature...' - meaning that if you take a wrong turn, you end up ordering your laundry to be deep fried and wrapped in christmas paper, instead of ringing your telebanking or phoning home. Would rate it lower, but with a little practice the most common functions are easily found. It's all the configuration at the start that's the hassle. Thankfully, any semi-skilled salesperson at your nearest decent retailer should be able to help you set it up in no time. Or ring Vodafone and they can rig it by remote control.

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