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  ProdID: 7396 - Parcel ProtectorManufacturerParcel Protector NZ Product Score: 9.8 
Parcel Protector

Price : from $299.99
Supplier :
Available : via Online Store and selected quality retailers

Parcel Protector is the new secure mailbox you have been waiting for. Solves so many problems and made from top quality materials, the best we could find by far. Any courier can leave a parcel without needing a key.

Parcel Protector is Kiwi owned/operated and offers free shipping within New Zealand. An installation service available in the Auckland area. Right of return if you are not completely happy with this product.

With Parcel Protector you'll NEVER WORRY about:
    •  Being home for a courier.
    •  Being plagued by pesky cards to call.
    •  Unsecure parcels being left at your premises.

Dimensions: Height 880mm, Width 280mm, Depth 426mm.
Available in a range of stylish and fun colours.
Free-standing galvanised steel post available as an extra.
Only available for purchase in New Zealand.
Ease of Installation
Ease of Use
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #17509 - Dated: 15th of December, 2016
  Author: Tucker

I get a lot of parcels arriving here, and while some are quite hefty and large, the great majority are smaller than a shoe box but can contain goods worth over a grand - things like new cellphones to test, compact remote drones, tablets, etc. The loss of even a single one can be expensive, so installing a Parcel Protector secure box was a no-brainer.

Getting it set up took a little work - I'm not one for digging holes, but it had to be done because I wasn't permitted to attach this box directly to the building - but it wasn't anything that required a professional to do. Digging a hole 40cm on each side and 40cm deep took all of 10 minutes, and most of that was spent getting weeds and debris out of the way. Mixing up a wheelbarrow load of concrete was also quick and easy, though I had to seek an expert for a good "recipe" to ensure I had a solid mix that wasn't too wet or dry.

The manufacturer recommended I get a 1m length of 10mm rebar (reinforcing steel bar) and spike the mounting base on it before driving it into the ground. Because I wanted to mount the box as low to the ground as possible, I did as instructed, then removed the mounting plate, bolted it to the box, poured the concrete into the hole then reinserted the mounting plate onto the rebar in-situ. This meant that I had it securely fixed in place, but the box was mounted in a manner that would prevent anyone from being able to cut the bolts that secured it. To get my box, they would have to dig it out of the ground first.

I can vouch for how much of a pain that would be, because 3 weeks later, I was informed by the property owner that they needed the box dismounted for a short time so they could get some new whiteware into the building through the door the box was in front of. While I saw no issues with getting the whiteware past the box, they were concerned that it limited access to the point the whiteware may get damaged if it scraped against the box... and to be blunt, this box is so solid and well made, I know it would come off best in a collision with a fridge or stove... so... dig dig dig!

At the time of writing this review, I have yet to remount the box - I need to get a fine day when I have no other pressing tasks on my schedule, and I need to buy another bag of cement - but I can relax, since I know that the process is very simple and having done it successfully once, I am confident I can repeat the process quickly and easily.

While the box was in place, I received quite a few parcels, and feedback from various couriers was very positive. They liked my idea of mounting their "ATL (Authority To Leave)" barcodes on the top face of the sliding tray. It meant that once they had placed the parcels into the top "delivery" cavity, pulling out the tray to scan for a successfully delivery caused the parcels to drop down into the secure "storage" cavity. A simple innovation that forces the process of securing my parcels. One driver even left me a note THANKING me for installing this, as it ensured he could relax knowing that any temp drivers he put on my run couldn't stuff up delivery - something that has happened in the past.

I also put a not on the front of the box - by getting a customised sticker made - that states "If you can't fit the parcel in here, please leave a card instead and I'll collect it from the depot." which also drew praise and thanks from a couple of couriers for similar reasons. As one driver put it "Even if I hired an idiot, he'd get delivery right at your place."

Overall, this is probably the single best investment you could make if you want safe, secure mail AND parcels at your property. If you travel for work, are out of the house all day, or plan to head off for multi-day holidays and expect parcels to arrive for work or personal reasons, you should seriously consider buying one of these. With the local teenagers well aware of the nature of parcels that arrive at this property, it's become a high-risk property, so I can now relax if I am away for a day, or a few, and expect parcels. That peace of mind alone is worth the price tag!

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