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  ProdID: 705 - Magnetix - 70pc Glow-in-the-Dark setManufactured byRoseArt Product Score: 9.5 
Magnetix - 70pc Glow-in-the-Dark set

Price : $29.99
Supplier :
Available : where all good toys are sold

NOTE: These are no longer on the market in NZ due to a safety recall

Makes over 500 designs!

Magnetix - the toy that teaches and empowers kids of all ages! Use your imagination and create countless shapes for endless hours of fun...

Magnetix also has intellectually stimulating qualities. You can create mathematical shapes, physics and chemistry models... it's cool to be smart and it's smart to have fun!
Value for Money
Age Range
diogenes   Review #900 - Dated: 27th of September, 2005
  Author: diogenes

I have never had such a hard time writing a rave review for such a wonderful product. What can I say about it? Fun? Educational? Two words one hardly expects to see in the same sentence and be true; but is true. Really!
Apart from glow-in-the-dark joiners, which not only appeal to children, they appeal to the inner child (not quite so hidden) in me, the whole concept is deceptively simple which makes me wonder why it was never thought of before now.
The whole simplicity is around surprisingly powerful little magnets at the end of little rods connecting to steel ball bearings. These can be connected in a myriad of ways, the box says over 500 designs can be made from this box, though between my daughter and myself, we have yet to get anywhere near that magic 500. We will not give up on this!
The great thing about this kit is that all other kits in the series completely and fully integrate with each other, allowing one to add other dimensions to the kits; something some other building kits do not do.
This kit come with four thumbs up from my daughter and myself and should be a welcome addition to the home even if the kids do not get a chance to play with it. Us adults can have lots of scientific experimentation with the wonderful world of magnets.
Buy it now ready for Christmas. It really will be worth it.

Value for Money
Age Range
Tucker   Review #898 - Dated: 26th of September, 2005
  Author: Tucker

I first encountered Magnetix during a Kmart sale. It was at 50% off and my son, aged 3 years old at that stage, was getting into assembly-toys. Since then I have kept an eye on this product, and had many hours of fun with my son, thanks to it.

When I was offered an opportunity to add the Glow in the Dark rods to the collection, I was thrilled. I know how much practical fun these could add to the total pool. Once charged up with light, these provided hours of amusement as they were mixed into some wierd and wonderful shapes and structures. By careful alignment of the polarities of the component magnets, and the use of plenty of the steel spheres, we were able to construct some very low-friction bearings to hang and spin our shapes from. This added some extra fun to the games.

Overall, this 70-piece set is a lot of fun, at a reasonable, affordable price. Not the cheapest toy by any means, these will still be added to the ranges of master-class toys. With some clever thinking, it would be possible to merge these into such other master-class toys as lego, since they have magnetic components in some sets too. These have added a lot of extra fun to my son's toy-pool... and mine too. Grin Icon

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