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  ProdID: 6795 - Passionfruit Sparkling DrinkBrewed/Bottled byBundaberg Product Score: 10.0 
Passionfruit Sparkling Drink

Price : $6.29
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Available : Leading Supermarkets

The moment you pop the top on our premium Passionfruit brew, you can smell it from metres away. Real, natural and unique, just wait until you taste this star of our sparkling selection.
Personal Choice
melissaandchloe   Review #15091 - Dated: 9th of November, 2015
  Author: melissaandchloe

As soon as you pop open the bottle the aroma escapes, blowing rifts of strong passionfruit all around you. This drink is truly amazing and my favourite from the Bundaberg range out of the flavours I have tried, it tastes just like you are eating a passionfruit!

Looking through the glass bottle you can see quite a lot of sediment at the bottom and also the cloudiness of the drink, this certainly is not a reason to be put off this tasty drink as it just goes to show that the drink does in fact contain real passionfruit nectar rather than just a load of artificial colouring and flavouring made to look and taste like that of passionfruit. As the bottle says 'invert bottle before opening' and give it a good shake and the cloudiness and sediment mix up well into the drink ready to be guzzled down!

My first experience of this drink was last summer when I took a 4 pack of these along to a BBQ, I only ended up getting to try my first bottle as there were a lot of passionfruit fans around me so these ended up getting given out to others to try, which everyone couldn't stop raving about, me included. The drink goes perfect anytime especially in summer served over ice, it also makes a great mixer when added to vodka or similar. The taste is so refreshing, sweet and juicy.

The only thing I have to say as a negative towards this drink, which is not aimed at the drink itself is the fact that they have now changed the bottles that the drink comes in, rather than having a a tall bottle with a long neck, they are now shorter and wider, however this is not the problem, the problem lies with the lid which rather than being a screw top (as they used to be) it is now a pull top, which kind of has 2 steps to it, and if you get this anything but perfect you tend to loose half your drink which is a real shame!

A perfect drink, best enjoyed ice cold on a lovely summers day, they may come in a 4 pack but I guarantee they won't last long!

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