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  ProdID: 6446 - Pup Patrol#1: Farm RescueAuthor:Darrel and Sally Odgers Product Score: 10.0 
Pup Patrol#1: Farm Rescue

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Available : March 2015

Stamp is having a pawfectly wonderful time travelling around the country with James in the Fourby 4WD - and then it starts to rain. And rain and rain and rain. It rains until the Fourby is all muddy,

James's hair is damp and Stamp starts to smell like wet dog! It rains so much that they have to stop at Pepper Plains Farm for somewhere warm and dry to stay. But all the rain's making the river rise. Will James and Stamp be able to help the folks at Pepper Plains Farm?
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Jopukeko   Review #14201 - Dated: 10th of June, 2015
  Author: Jopukeko

Having read [link^6394^Storm Rescue^link], the third of the Pup Patrol books to my daughters (5 and 6.5 years) we were keen to read the first two. Farm Rescue is the first oin the series so it made sense to read that one next although I discovered that it doesn't really matter what sequence the books are read in as there are only passing references to the events of the past and future. As expected we enjoyed Farm Rescue just as much Storm Rescue.

Farm Rescue starts, as any first book in a series does, introducing the two main characters Stamp the border collie and James his owner. There is a glossary of terms at the start of each chapter which helps the children understand some of the more unusual or technical words. Throughout the story there are some words which have been changed to remind us that the narrator is actually a dog e.g. Pawful= Awful, Pawfect= Perfect. The girls thought it was cute.

The book is about how farm animals and to a lesser extent humans cope with a flood. For those of us in the towns it is important for us to realise that floods have a huge affect on those living on farms too. While listening to the story my girls realised that it can be tragic although thankfully it did have a happy ending. It also gives good advice on how to approach dogs.

The average eight year old reader should be able to read this book independently. Niether of my girls are at that level yet but we have enjoyed snuggling up together with a hot chocolate hearing about what Stamp has got up to. I will be keeping the book so that when my girls are capable they can read it to themselves.

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