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  ProdID: 6399 - Klutz Dress Up Your Own Paper PupsAuthor:KLUTZ Product Score: 9.9 
Klutz Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups

Price : $20.00
Supplier :
Available : May 2015

A four-legged twist on the beloved paper doll!

Spoil these darling doggies! Introducing five paper pups to pamper, dress up, and tote around. Their fabulous wardrobes offer outfits for every season, and their accessories range from the indispensable (food bowls, bones, and hair curlers) to the extravagant (a tutu). Plus, just in case the pups don't feel up to prancing, there's a punch-out dog carrier to take the fashion show on the road. Call it puppy love, Klutz style.

Comes with:
    •  A 48-page book of instructions and punch-outs
    •  5 double-sided puppies (a Yorkie, a Chihuahua, a Maltese, a Poodle, and a Pug)
    •  25+ fashions
    •  1 punch-out dog carrier
    •  5 stands
    •  1 adoption certificate
Value for Money
Personal Choice
mizim   Review #14119 - Dated: 29th of May, 2015
  Author: mizim

I have three kids who love to get crafty and so I knew this would be perfect for them. Straight away all of them were attracted to the book, my eldest didn't see pink = girls, he saw a book about dressing up puppies which he thought was awesome. They each took a turn browsing through the book and whilst we didn't have the time right away to dress them up they were able to look through and tell me what clothes they wanted to use first.

The book itself is nice and sturdy, it has been stood on once or twice, thrown across the room and moved here and there and it is still looking as new. I like the adoption certificate at the start, the kids said we each had to pick one and they each signed their names on it. There are a few suggestions on how you can dress your dog and then basic instructions on how to dress them, fold the pieces etc. The end of the book suggests how you can make your own clothes with your own designs on them at home, which my five year old was delighted about and set about doing as such.

The kids spent, literally, a few hours working on this dressing their dogs up and undressing, redressing etc. so I know it will have gotten its money worth had we bought it. My only gripe with this is the envelope at the back which my youngest found tricky and we did start loosing some pieces, so a zip lock bag was aded to it. This is, though, another great Klutz product and I would happily buy this in the future.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
Jopukeko   Review #14001 - Dated: 17th of May, 2015
  Author: Jopukeko

When I first saw the Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups book for Klutz I thought it would be a fun activity for an afternoon but wouldn't survive past then. I was so wrong. We have it for two weeks and my daughters (Miss 5 and Miss 6.5 years) play with it every day. Most of the clothing and accessories has survived well but sadly the puppies have all lost their tails.

The first test when we got the book was could the girls push out the pups and their clothes without ripping it. Although it is all made of sturdy cardboard I was sure some would be lost in the removal process. I was wrong. We were all able to get what we wanted without any damage. We discovered that the accessories could fit any of the puppies and the jackets were reversible so we could have plenty of options to chose from.

The jackets were attached by putting a tab through a slot. My girls weren't able to do this themselves but I found it easy enough to do. They had no problems with the hair accessories.There is a suggestion at the back of the book that we could trace around some of the pieces to make more clothes for the puppies and decorate them with sequins , stickers and fabric. This would be great to do if the girls ever got bored of the clothing provided or decided that each pup needed a bag.

One of the things I really liked as a parent was there were five dogs and plenty of accessories so it meant that both children (and me too) could play with it without any issues. There were also five transparent stands so you could display your pets or walk them around. The only downside was the stands were hard to find when dropped on the floor.

The makers of this book thought of everything. There is even a big fold out envelope in the back to put all the pieces. This makes tidying up a breeze (the girls do it without any help from me) and keeps everything together. This is a book that I will be buying for my girls to gift to friends as it is affordable, fun and something I know any girl around the same age as mine will love.

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