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  ProdID: 6216 - Winter's BulletWritten by:William Osborne Product Score: 8.5 
Winter's Bullet

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Available : February 2015

When a Dutch boy, Tygo, discovers a Jewish girl hiding in a chimney clutching a diamond, he refuses to give her up. Instead he turns spy, trading the jewel for information that will end Hitler's war.
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shellcruise   Review #13749 - Dated: 10th of April, 2015
  Author: shellcruise

It really does not take much time at all to adapt to William Osbornes style of writing and the fast paced speed of it all. I curled up on the couch while the rain was knocking on the window and read in half a day. It is captivating and simple enough to read and there is nothing really complicated about it at all.

Although it plays out as being factual it is in fact mostly made up. Hitler has promised a special gem the 'Red Queen' to Eva Peron to help from Argentina during the war. Oberst Kruger had been sent to the town where he forceably enlists the help of Tygo to help him.

I am still so confused over the war and I still do not understand how the Germans killed so many helpless Jews for no real reason. Thankfully, it did not touch on the killings much. There was a quick mention of General Muller visiting a bunker where the POW where working. It mentioned there sickly figures and also the stench they carried and not much else. It is more centred around Headquarters and the occasional vists to various empty houses where they are looking for treasures.

Besides the plot over the Red Queen there is also the sub-plot about the Atomic Bomb they planned to explode over New York. After the story is finished there is a footnote where Osborne discusses the rumours that the Nazis had some nuclear capability by the end of the war and some thought that the Americans had actually stolen it and that the bomb dropped on Nagazaki was in fact German technology. I am unsure of any of this but the actual story itself was a good read. Great if you enjoy your history, war with a very small tad of potential romance kind of stories.

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