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  ProdID: 5642 - OPSM Penny The Pirate Eye Screening Kit Author:Kevin Waldron Product Score: 10.0 
OPSM Penny The Pirate Eye Screening Kit

Price : FREE
Supplier :
Available : For a limited time. See the website or visit your nearest OPSM store for detail

The Story that screens your child's vision.

In a bid to raise awareness of children's eye health and improve the vision of children across New Zealand, OPSM have released Penny The Pirate, the worlds first children's book and app that screens your child's vision. Penny the Pirate has turned eye screenings into a fun, interactive, illustrated book.

Penny the pirate is designed to screen three depths of your child's vision:
    •  Distance Vision
    •  Colour Vision
    •  Depth Perception

You can order your FREE copy here http://www.opsm.co.nz/pennyClick out to an external site
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rekebum   Review #12110 - Dated: 22nd of July, 2014
  Author: rekebum

First of all what a fantastic idea!

Penny the Pirate is an eye screening kit for kids. The book comes with 3D Glasses, a looking glass, a pirate patch, a flash card, the book itself and instructions for Mum and Dad. It is fun for kids of any age. Although my two year old was to young to participate in the actual screening he still had fun and the book is lots of fun for bedtime or story time as well. The instructions are easy to read and simple to follow.

There are three separate tests within the book, the first involves matching shapes with what's on the flash card with the book three metres from the child and with the child wearing the eye patch, you then move the eye patch to the other eye and repeat. Once that is done you repeat using the looking glass. After reading on you come to the second test which is identifying numbers in a skewed picture. Again reading on till you get to the final test in the book where you use the 3D glasses and see if your child can touch parts of the image.

It is a great tool and lots of fun, as a result Miss 8 is now booked in for an eye test. I have put the accessories away for use at a later date and the book is a new favourite. Fantastic resource and all free! Wonderful!

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