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  ProdID: 5528 - Nuttz Thai Sweet Chilli CashewsBrand / Manufactured by:Nuttz Gourmet Product Score: 8.3 
Nuttz Thai Sweet Chilli Cashews

Price : $5.95 / 90g
Supplier :
Available : at selected quality retailers

One of our best sellers. Great with a red wine or tossed in to a salad or stir fry. Also popular with the blokes, helps a beer or two along nicely.

The soft texture of the Cashew nut and its mild flavour ensures the nut is suitable as an ingredient in many meals, as a snack as well as a gourmet confectionery. Our cashews are only sourced from A-grade packers that can guarantee consistent product quality, we only source the best grade nuts for the dry roasting & coating process.

    •  Gluten Free
    •  Cholesterol Free
    •  Low G.I.
    •  No Trans Fats
Personal Choice
devilprincess   Review #12058 - Dated: 18th of July, 2014
  Author: devilprincess

Cashew nuts are one of my favourite snack foods so I was pretty happy to be getting a sample of these Thai Sweet Chilli Cashews to review. The package is very appealing although the price is a little more than I'd usually pay for this amount of nuts. I didn't think twice about the chilli aspect of these nuts and promptly put a couple in my mouth and chewed them. They initially had a great spicy and sweet taste combination. Then the chilli really hit and gave that unmistakable chilli kick but it wasn't overwhelming so even I, who isn't a huge spice fan, could still enjoy them.

We usually have drinks after work on a Friday so I thought who better to try these nuts than my work mates during Friday drinks! The guys got straight into them and easily devoured the lot, wanting more. I think that gives a good indication of what they really thought of them! Most of the guys liked them just how they were but a couple thought the chilli taste was just a bit much but after a quick swig of beer the spice dulled and they were ready for more. I told the guys the price and asked if they would buy them again and all but one said they would definitely buy them again and they would all like to try the other flavours too.

I think these cashews and others in the range make a great snack for entertaining guests and they look classy enough to be put in a food hamper as a gift or prize for someone. I, for one, preferred another option in the Nuttz range but this one is still pretty damn good.

Personal Choice
Noisybabe007   Review #11939 - Dated: 10th of July, 2014
  Author: Noisybabe007

I received my package from KIWIreviews with these delicious sounding nuts in there, and I my husband was VERY excited to see them.

Hubby is a snack nut lover, and although not a huge sweet thai chilli fan, was interested to try the flavour. He asked straight away to open them - knowing I needed to review them, he is careful now not to just devour - as he has in the past!!!

These nuts definitely passed Hubby's strict nut standard, and taste approval. He LOVES spicy - and said although they are not super strong, they are definitely flavourful. I on the other hand found these a little on the sweet side, but again - not too much, and certainly not enough to put me off eating more (nom nom nom!) I think these cater nicely for lots of flavour favourites.

These nuts are more of what I would call a "speciality" snack, rather than an everyday. Though I could definitely eat them all the time if the food budget would allow! I would put them into a special package for someone, or add to the Christmas snack table or adult snacks for birthday parties and the like.

I noticed in another review that she used them on the top of a stir-fry - and LOVE that idea, and will get some more to try that too.

All in all - yummy yummy yummy nuts, for special occasions. Definitely purchase again!

Personal Choice
kymmage   Review #11911 - Dated: 7th of July, 2014
  Author: kymmage

When I received these Sweet Thai Chilli Nuts to try, my husband found them in the cupboard. He commented that I was either being very brave or I had bought them for him. When I said they were a review goodie, he asked if he was going to be allowed some. I told him yes, but that they were ear-marked for something special first.

So last night, when I was due to make dinner, I made beef stir fry, with noodles. This is usually a favourite for us, and so quick and easy. I then topped the stir fry with a handful of these nuts for each of us adults. My husband commented that they added a nice crunch to the meal and made it a bit more special. I found that the nuts were a good flavour addition. I just did a light soy honey sauce for my stir fry and that way the pop of the heat from the nuts got a chance to shine.

These nuts do have a bit of kick to them. The heat is warming but not painful on the tongue and the sweetness definitely helps matters. I found these nuts to be quite sweet in fact once the heat dissipated. My husband enjoyed them and I'm lucky I managed to save any for snacks later.

These make a neat little snack, but definitely have a lot of versatility in usage too which is great in any product. Price-wise they are a little on the steep side, but as a treat or in a gift hamper I could see myself spending that.

Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #11697 - Dated: 26th of June, 2014
  Author: Tucker

I adore cashew nuts, and have always enjoyed something with a bit of a kick to it in the spice department, so these nuts were already likely to be just my kind of snack. I decided to try them straight out of the bag first, and I think my taste buds fell in love. They were the perfect balance of spicy and sweet, with that cashew flavor I love still detectable under the encrusted flavors.

Taking inspiration from other Asian style dishes, I decided to use half of the bag in a salad. I popped them in a ziplock bag and broke them up into smaller chunks, and scattered them over a leafy green slaw-style salad with finely sliced spinach, lettuce, spring onions, capsicums, grated carrots, red onion and courgette. A generous sprinkle of a light chilli and garlic dressing and I had a lunch I could easily eat for every meal of the day. I got so caught up in it, I forgot to get a photo, and alas it used the last of these bag of nuts so I can't make another one until I get more nuts.

Overall, while these are a great snack, they also make a really amazing ingredient in meals. As just one of a wide range of Nuttz Gourmet varieties, there is a world of variation open to you. Well worth trying, even if they are hard to find outside of expos and events.

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