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  ProdID: 5340 - FilthDirected byJill Soloway Product Score: 2.5 

Price : $39.99
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Available : March 2014

From the creator of Trainspotting comes Filth, a fast-paced, razor-sharp black comedy starring James McAvoy in a career-making performance as corrupt, sociopathic Edinburgh cop, Bruce Robertson. With a stellar cast including Imogen Poots, the imperious Jim Broadbent and Jamie Bell, Filth was one of the top box office successes in the UK.

Desperately bored with his duties as a Detective Sergeant, Bruce (McAvoy) survives on a mixture of cocaine, alcohol and sexually abusive relationships. Determined to secure the lucrative promotion to Detective Inspector and reconcile with his estranged wife and daughter, Bruce begins concocting a plan to sabotage his colleagues, including Amanda Drummond (Poots). Bruce turns his nearest rivals against each other, one by one, and by increasingly creative means.

Assigned to lead the investigation surrounding the murder of a Japanese student, Bruce soon finds his life spiralling out of control. With increasingly frequent hallucinations featuring his psychiatrist, Dr.Rossi (Broadbent), Bruce stumbles, schemes and manipulates his way through the investigation, with his mild-mannered friend Bladesey (Eddie Marsan) and partner Ray Lennox (Bell) at his side.
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samantha203   Review #11008 - Dated: 12th of April, 2014
  Author: samantha203

Okay I read this one all wrong I heard comedy and thought this would actually be a movie I could have a good laugh to I didn't laugh once. I am not sure actually what the term 'black comedy' means but rest assured from now on I will probably do my best to avoid it. I have seen some bizarre films in my life time including trainspotting but this just takes the cake, I certainly wanted to say what on earth am I actually watching this for it went from strange to start to just all out bizarre through the middle and end.

I am totally fine with sexual scenes in a movie but the level of dirty sex and masturbation was nothing short of "filth" so maybe the title totally suits the movie. I was left feeling pretty awkward and quite disturbed by it all, and would certainly not watch it again. I found myself loosing interest pretty quickly although my partner probably had more of an attention span than me.

I think the basic storyline of a somewhat corrupt detective going out of his way to sabotage others in order to get promotion was a good storyline and done differently I probably would of quite enjoyed it. However the nature of the hallucinations and the level of drugs and sexual content really wasn't my thing unfortunately. I wanted to follow the storyline but all the strangeness of him seeing pigs and screaming and stuff distracted away from any level of plot.

So unfortunately not a great score from me, I am sure there is a market out there for movies like this in the black comedy genre however they are not a style of movie I would go for again, give me a good laugh out loud comedy any day!

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