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  ProdID: 5080 - Five Little OwlsAuthor:Mark Carthew & Mini Goss Product Score: 9.6 
Five Little Owls

Price : $21.00
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Available : January 2014

Follow five little owls as they play an unexpected game of hide and seek under the moonlit sky with some familiar creatures of the forest.

Author Mark Carthew's love of the environment comes alive with his use of simple evocative imagery and rhyme, while award-winning illustrator Mini Goss has created another stunningly beautiful picture book.
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kiwigirl04   Review #10485 - Dated: 1st of February, 2014
  Author: kiwigirl04

This is a book I asked for to review, I was surprised when it turned up to my place as I didn't know what items I was given for review. I asked for this book as it seemed like another counting book and my son really benefits from those sort of books it helps with his speech as he is delayed in that area. Also thought it would help my daughter with her reading.

To my surprise this is a nice bright book, decent size and softcover. When opening up the book you get a nice bright page at you, these pages are amazing the detail to drawing amazing and of course that colour, that colour would grab any childs attention big or small.

My children got the chance to sit and have me read this to them today as I had done something to my foot so was couch bounded. It starts off with 5 owls as you would think with the title and the reading is nice and easy but don't go too fast or you might put words where they don't go or miss a word fully, but you just go back and correct that. Its a repeat book so as you go though the book the pages pretty much say the same thing minus a few words which change like who the owl is talking to each time.

As we first started reading we were waiting for a owl to just fly away but something else happened something we didn't think of. A game, yes a game, hide and seek. That game we loved as children well its here in the book. Turn the pages to wordless pages and play along with them, apart from your seeking not hiding. We spent a bit on each wordless page searching for animals, which got harder each page.

This book encourages memory which is good for little ones and myself included I had to really think of which animals we had already seen to find them on the pages and how many of each. As you get to the end its a double page open up page so you have 4 pages of hide and seek and a special treat for your little one there too.

So do you like hide and seek? Come on, come and find the animals, great fun for all the family. Personally I would buy this for a little one as a gift.

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kymmage   Review #10484 - Dated: 1st of February, 2014
  Author: kymmage

Five Little Owls was one of those books that went up for offer as a review book and I knew it would be a hit with my daughter. She loves animals of all kinds, but birds are her favourite subject. So I was very pleased to receive this one and when I showed it to my daughter she snuggled down and read the book with me.

Now, most books she potters around listening to, but this one she really engaged with. Which was good, because this book is not just a story. It's a hide and seek game! The words flowed really nicely in this. It's got a good rhythm to it, and repetition too. I tripped once or twice in the first page, but after that ii was good.

Actually for my daughter, her reading is affected greatly by her confidence, and so the tripping was good. It allowed me to model failure and what one should do when they fail - i.e. try again. So it was a great teachable moment for me.

The illustrations are really neat and really make this book pop. Right from the first wordless page, we had so much fun trying to find the hiding animals. As the book goes along, the animals change where they are hiding, and get more and more sneaky. Plus there are just heaps more animals on each wordless page. By the end of the book, there is a cool open up centrefold. We spent maybe 20 minutes looking through and laughing at all the legs poking out and eyes.

This is a great book, and I would recommend it. It does need some time, to do the seeking but it's good shared fun. The price is a little dearer than a normal soft cover children's book, but this does have that extra zing with the game as well. I would buy it for a gift.

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