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  ProdID: 4932 - Pirate PeteAuthor:Nick Sharratt Product Score: 10.0 
Pirate Pete

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This is a piratical pop-in-the-slot picture book where the reader gets to decide the story! Ahoy there! Pirate Pete is about to set sail on a buccaneering adventure. What will he see in the sky and in the sea? And what's in the treasure chest? The reader decides!

On each double page spread there are six cut-outs to choose from. Slot them into the picture to create a new story time and time again. Each spread has six different cut-outs to choose from. Just slot the one you want into the picture to create your own story - time and time again.
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kiwigirl04   Review #10200 - Dated: 23rd of November, 2013
  Author: kiwigirl04

While I was doing my practicum for my my bachelor of education course and they had this book there, reading it to the children they took turns on the pages to make a story up. When it was my 3 weeks up and time to leave they gave me a gift and it happened to be this book and I was over the moon.

When I got home I opened it up and the first thing my kids and I did was pull the bits out of the front of the book and found the spots they belong, then we read the story. I really love it as it starts with the story and then the child can pick out of 6 items on each page to say what is happening, like you can have a birthday cake on your head if you like, a doughnut in the sky. My children are 5 and almost 4 and are really enjoying making stories with this, pieces from other pages have turned up on another page.

Its a great colourful book and easy to read for those keen and learning to read on their own, the pieces have the words of what they are on them, like shark it says shark on the picture so it fits into the story that is happening. You can store the pieces in a pocket in the front or leave them in the pages which is what I do, they have little slot spots for the pieces take a little bit of using to make it easy for the children to slide the pieces in but once they have worked it out its easy.

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