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  ProdID: 4847 - Lothlorien Apple and Feijoa JuiceBrand / Manufacturer:Lothlorien Winery Product Score: 9.8 
Lothlorien Apple and Feijoa Juice

Price : $6.50 per 750ml bottle
Supplier :
Available : buy online from suppliers website

This juice is delectable and sumptuous for a fruit juice. Captivating the refreshing feijoa and soft apple, complementing one-another perfectly.
Value for Money
Personal Choice
beanie   Review #13594 - Dated: 2nd of March, 2015
  Author: beanie

I was first introduced to the Lothlorien drink range a couple of years ago when I tried one of their feijoa wines which I loved! This lead me to searching them out and wanting to try whatever other products they produced and I could get my hands on.

When I first tried the Lothlorien Apple and Feijoa Juice I was in love! Now I do have to admit that I absolutely love feijoa's in general and find their flavor delicious so I was so happy to find a product that I could have and enjoy all year around and not only in feijoa season.

I love the fact that this is a juice that tastes like it has been freshly made and juiced rather than watered and filtered down. This means that not only has it got a strong, rich taste, but you can also use it more as a concentrate if you find the flavor a bit too strong for you taste. It works really well and also tastes great watered down with water or for something even more refreshing, a lemonade fizzy.

All in all, I absolutely loved this product and have been buying it for a while now. If you love the taste of feijoa's then you will love this drink!

Warning: If you do not like feijoas very much then this drink is not for you! Even though it is an 'apple and feijoa' juice I would say that the apple is in there to bulk out the drink and tone down the feijoa flavor a tiny bit (as it is quite a strong flavor). But this drink it most definitely a feijoa drink and I wouldn't say that you can actually taste the apple flavor in there.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
nerdalert1101   Review #10144 - Dated: 12th of November, 2013
  Author: nerdalert1101

Out of the two flavours of drinks that I got to try for review, this one is my favourite. The drink had a sweet taste, it was also rather tangy, but there was hardly any taste of the apple in there. The stuff was so good that I gulped down an entire bottle in just a couple of days and it was very delicious, so I wish I had another bottle. I could only taste the fejoa, though, so while it was very nice, I couldn't detect half the flavour!

The bottle was of a good portion size, it make for a good dosage of refreshing drink, and this stuff can also be used in baking. I didn't try any baking ideas using this drink, but with enough dry ingredients to compensate for the extra wetness, then this will be good for things like muffins or cakes.

The price is good for value, so I think that this drink is far from a rip-off! I love the label design, it looks old-fashioned, and that actually seems quite cool. I think that I really love the flavour, and I really need to track down the drink, so that I can try some recipes with it. I recommend this drink to anyone who loves fruit juices with interesting flavours.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
samantha203   Review #10034 - Dated: 24th of October, 2013
  Author: samantha203

I think from now on I am going to invest in some do not touch labels for any consumable review goods that enter my house. I placed the bottle of this juice in my fridge when it arrived yesterday and planned to get stuck into some baking after work today. However when I got home from work today I found half the bottle was gone already! Kids huh! The response I got from my daughter was "but Mum it is so yummy" so I guess I can't argue with that.

I had a big glass of what was left and we also made a couple of iceblocks up for after dinner tonight for the two kids. The juice was so good it was nice and sweet and had a nice balance between the apple and the feijoa, on the first taste you get the strong taste of apple and then you get the distinct taste of feijoa afterwards. I drank it straight from the bottle but you could quite easily do half and half with water if you were wanting a less sweet drink. It would make it last longer if you watered it down too as the way we were drinking it, it didn't last long!

The iceblocks we made were really good to, the kids loved them and I felt good that they were a pretty healthy ice block choice as they are made from real fruit. My daughter said it was like a fruju because they don't lose their taste when you suck on them and just turn into ice and these were the same. I would be happy to buy more for the kids seen as they like it so much. A lot of fruit juices that are made just from the fruit they don't like because they have pulp or bits but this was very smooth so they were happy.

I think I have found my new personal favourite feijoa drink too! I love feijoa and sometimes I will buy myself a can of fresh up feijoa and apple but this is so much better so will be my new choice and you get so much more in the bottle too that you can keep in the fridge for up to 5 days! I think by the fact that it tells you to consume within 5 days of opening shows that it is healthy and not filled with preservatives which I really love about this drink!

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