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  ProdID: 476 - Patak's Original : Chicken KormaProduced byHeinz Watties Ltd Product Score: 8.3 
Patak's Original : Chicken Korma

Price : $4.29
Supplier :
Available : Yes

Tender chicken in a creamy coconut sauce, on a bed of basmati rice, served with vegetables.
Value for Money
Visual Appeal
Tucker   Review #583 - Dated: 2nd of January, 2005
  Author: Tucker

Frankly, these sorts of meals leave me cold, on the whole. But, I had heard some good things about the Patak's range, and the advert was sufficiently annoying to stick in my head, so I performed my token bit of blending into the consumer background for the day, and bought this one.

Now, I have had a couple of run-in's with curries recently, so I was expecting something pretty tame. Spice-wise, I was right. This is a nice mild dish suitable for when the flavour is more importnant than the heat. A pleasant tang, with a creamy, slightly peanutty aftertaste.

The vegetables are just beans and peas, but provide a wonderful counterpoint texture to the perfectly cooked rice and chunks of chicken. The addition of a third vege would make it perfect.

Took 8 minutes from -start- to -peel cover-, it was a great quick meal, taking up little space in the freezer. The ultimate up-point... the bowl is sturdy enough to wash and use for other non-food purposes later. Great if you know someone with kids, for arts and crafts storage and play.

Overall, very impressed, relatively speaking. Let's face it, mass-produced frozen meals will never be as good as a freshly cooked variant. But within the limits of 'TV dinners' this is really quite near the top of the list overall, and definitely top of it's price bracket.

User Comments
My concern is that the chicken used is not a fresh cut - chicken portion of the chicken piece is made up of soy, etc (formed chicken).
also, it is not true that a mass produced meal cannot be as good as a freshly cooked one. Try some of the Jewel of India range.

Funny you should say that. Check ProdID 519 :)


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