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  ProdID: 4747 - Little Rockets: Silver the Silly SorcererAuthor:Candice Lemon-Scott and Janet Wolf Product Score: 8.8 
Little Rockets: Silver the Silly Sorcerer

Price : $17.00
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Available : September 2013

Silver is a struggling sorcerer. After failing his Eggs test, Silver is sent to work as a magician at the circus. Will Silver be able to prove he is a real sorcerer like Merlin?
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rosielee3   Review #10245 - Dated: 27th of November, 2013
  Author: rosielee3

I really liked the look of this book, the front cover in very inviting, and I love the alliteration in the title. I read this to my 5 year old son, who really enjoyed it but I had to explain what a sorcerer was before we began. The illustrations are on each page which kept him engaged and he asked questions when he wasn't sure what the images related to in the story which showed to me that he was listening and thinking about the content.

My son questioned why the word 'chapter' wasn't at the start of every chapter, and it was only a number. I thought this was very observant and important for a little person when learning to read. He also really enjoyed the page numbers at the bottom which are in little rocket ships - these added a nice touch!

I found the snakes role fantastic, he kind of came in at the right time and added a special quirk to the book. My only real issue is that it sometimes was hard reading aloud with the name Silver and Slither repeated so often, sometimes my tongue struggled to get the right name out!

I also liked that it included modern technology such as pay TV and plasma TV's, these small added additions to the book created a very modern magical story. I though it was a nice mix. The story line was fast enough not to get boring (for either me or my son) but slow enough that it was clear and concise. There wasn't anything that wasn't necessary in there and nothing was confusing or out of place..

Overall I really liked reading this to my son and will be on the look out for other Little Rocket books.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
kymmage   Review #9743 - Dated: 19th of September, 2013
  Author: kymmage

Silver the Silly Sorcerer is a short kid's novel. The chapters are relatively short, and the font is a good size for younger readers. I found that the sentences were fairly simple, though it didn't detract from the story.

I recently read this to my daughters over the course of two nights. The story is full of adventure and there is plenty going on. In the first chapter, the main character's life is in danger. The characters are introduced well and in a logical order. There aren't any characters where you think "why are you here?"

My daughter loved Silver's pet snake, Slither. She found his thoughts very funny and she liked that he was magic. He was very funny and was clearly the brains of the outfit. Silver is a bit useless as a Sorcerer, but his mistakes are pretty funny.

He gets himself in some ridiculous situations. There is a lot of danger. Just about drowning in rabbits was the best one in my opinion. The end wraps up everything nicely. I found this to be a good book for Miss 6 and I to share. Though I must admit that I didn't feel it was quite worth $17. You can get other books for a little cheaper which are similar storylines and take longer to read, so the value for money here wasn't as obvious.

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