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  ProdID: 4714 - Baby MoveBrand / Manufactured by:Wellements Product Score: 9.8 
Baby Move

Price : $21.00
Supplier :
Available : health stores

Wellements Baby Move is a natural formula designed to help infants and toddlers with occasional constipation. Our unique blend of organic prune concentrate and prebiotics is specifically formulated to be gentle and safe for infants 6 months and up. Our sweet tasting formula can help your baby move things along.

    •  Unique gentle formula specifically designed for infants 6 months and up
    •  Natural and safe ingredients including organic prune concentrate and prebiotics
    •  Includes prebiotics clinically proven to help soften stool and aid digestive health
    •  Pediatrician recommended
    •  Pleasant tasting and can be mixed with breast milk, formula, water or juice
    •  Free of gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol and added sugar
    •  Vegan certified
    •  Glass bottle, BPA and phthalates free
Value for Money
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samantha203   Review #9489 - Dated: 31st of August, 2013
  Author: samantha203

Ever since my son started on solid foods he has had major issues with constipation. It has been so traumatic and it has been horrible watching him in pain and straining to be able to go toilet. We have been giving him a fibre rich diet and plenty of fluid but have found he does need a little help to move things along.

We were given a lactulose syrup from the doctor to help him along but recently have started using this product to try and take a more natural approach. So far we have had pretty good success but have had to fall back on the laxative at times when he has started having issues again. This product has been quite effective though in the long run and certainly helps to keep him regular.

It is made from concentrated prune so it is sweet tasting and the prune concentrate helps to get things moving naturally. My son does eat prunes so I was unsure how much more effective this would be than just eating the prunes themselves but this did seem to help. It is a good price as far as natural products go and the bottle lasts a while as they just have 5mls a day which we mix in with a cup of water so he gets the extra fluid too.

I don't think we will be able to use this product alone at the moment with out the laxative as our boy seems to have real problems in this area but it is good to be able to use this and just use the laxative from time to time instead of every day.

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