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  ProdID: 4690 - 1001 Things to Spot in FairylandWritten byGill Doherty Product Score: 9.6 
1001 Things to Spot in Fairyland

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Discover the magic of fairyland in this enchanting picture book, which will provide hours of puzzle-solving fun. Search for pretty flower fairies in a secret garden, look for frog princes at fairy school and see if you can find bluebirds flying somewhere over the rainbow.
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rekebum   Review #11643 - Dated: 18th of June, 2014
  Author: rekebum

I love this book for little girls! My daughter received a copy for her birthday and she still enjoys it a few years on. The pictures are delightful and the book is lots of fun.

Will keep most little girls amused, I found it great for keeping my daughter busy on car trips and while waiting for appointments. Its fun for her on her own or nice for us to do together or with her friends too. The pictures are set out in such a way that helps the child to know what they are looking for so is great in that way.

Its also great for kids learning to count as for example you may have to look for 7 toad stools. So a fun way to learn! We started of just looking for the object then as Alazay got older and was aware of the numbers she knew to look for 7 toadstools. Books that promote learning and are also fun are always a hit with parents and kids alike! My son also likes to do the book too, so not just for girls so much as for any child as a great tool to learn how to solve puzzles and have fun with counting.

Well worth it! Great book and the kids will enjoy it for a long time.

Age Appropriate
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kiwigirl04   Review #9426 - Dated: 29th of August, 2013
  Author: kiwigirl04

My very girly daughter got this for her 2nd birthday and she fell in love with it. She has always been a child that loves finding things, doing things and just enjoys a challenge. The cover just draws you in with its pretty pink and fairies all over the place, it gives you an idea of the book inside with numbers on the cover and pictures that go with what your looking for like 7 toadstools.

When you open the book it has a contents page, first of all there is a page to explain how the book works, how you find the items. Then there is 13 double pages with different scenes on them like "fairy feast, enchanted waterfall". Each double page is very well Illustrated by Teri Gower. I found each scene matches the name of the scene so the fairy school looks like a school with books around and you need to find a certain object which is around the page with the number next to what you need to find. For example 9 white mice there will be a mouse and under that picture will be the words 9 white mice.

I found the pictures were very helpful for the child to know what they are looking for as my daughter got older she could look at the picture and the number and work it out herself how many of each thing she had to find. All up on each scene there are 10 pictures to find and each picture has a number 1-10 on it. teaches the child counting while searching.

When the child gets though all the scenes they get to another page where they are to go back though the book looking for more items, this page is a challenge page as it doesnt tell you which page to look on, they need to remember the picture and go searching. What I like about the challenge page there is a answer page at the back to help you know which page the items were on, and your child can go to that page and look for the items.

I recommend this page for those that love finding things, my son enjoys this book too so you don't have to be a girl to read it. I believe its all about counting and learning instead of gender.

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