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  ProdID: 4495 - Sids Brown Seed MustardProduced bySids Sauce Product Score: 8.8 
Sids Brown Seed Mustard

Price : $6.00
Supplier :
Available : www.sidssauce.co.nz

The best and hottest mustard of the Sids Sauce range.

    •  Mix with sauces for that extra zing.
    •  Makes a lovely crunchy topping when mixed with breadcrumbs.
    •  Combine with butter to make a butterpat for meat & fish.
    •  Cream with mashed potatoes and potato salads.
    •  Thicken by adding water then blitzing with a stick blender or mix with mayonnaise.
    •  Mix seed mustards with grated cheese to grill on toast or on water crackers.
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kymmage   Review #9019 - Dated: 17th of July, 2013
  Author: kymmage

Woah! If you are looking for a mustard packed with almost English style heat, this is the one for you. It has zing about the same level as the Fenugreek but it way hotter than either of the other two mustards in the range. Like the others in the range I also put this mustard through it's paces.

One night I decided I would try it in my mashed potatoes. I usually do a cheesy mash, but this time I also added 2 tablespoons worth of the brown seed mustard. This gave the mash a really nice look, with the seeds through it. It also added a kick of flavour. My toddler wasn't that sold on it, but the rest of us enjoyed the mash. I would definitely do that one again.

The next night I made American hot dogs for dinner. I had purchased an American mustard for my husband because he usually likes that tangy style mustard on hot dogs. This time though he asked me to use the wholegrain brown seed. So I added this to his meal. He said that the flavour was good and he seemed pleased with the meal.

I had a little on my own hot dogs and it made a nice change. The mustard goes really well with cheese, that is for sure. I can't wait to try this in a potato salad or something like that as well. I love the versatility of these products and while this was not my favourite in the range of mustards it was still a good one. The jars are really cute too and the price is reasonable.

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