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  ProdID: 4453 - Fruit Juice Orange With Fruit BitsBrand / Manufacturer:Bellich Product Score: 7.8 
Fruit Juice Orange With Fruit Bits

Price : $1.29
Supplier :
Available : selected supermarkets

Orange juice plus orange flesh sac get you feel higher freshness.
Value for Money
Personal Choice
kymmage   Review #8900 - Dated: 26th of June, 2013
  Author: kymmage

I left the orange drink til last in the Bellich range as I thought it would probably be my favourite. Today I decided it was time to drink this. I gave the slim-line can a shake and opened it. The can burst open and the smell of sweet orange was evident. I did have to do a quick clean up of my spillage, but I didn't lose too much.

The drink itself was very sweet, and tasted closer to an orange cordial than a juice. The fruit flesh pieces in this, are orange segments. Because of the texture of the orange, it was closer to an orange pulp. That made the drink so much easier to get out of the can. The pulpy bits just slid out with the drink.

Out of all of the drinks in this Bellich range, I preferred the Mango and the Pineapple best and then the Orange based solely on taste. The Orange comes first as far as the fruit flesh pieces though, because the pulp was so much easier to drink than the chunks of peach/mango or pineapple.

The price of these drinks is pretty reasonable. The cans are cute and bright. I found them a neat little treat for my morning tea and I would buy the pineapple one again. It would be neat if you could get the orange flesh pieces in the pineapple or mango drinks. That would then be a perfect combo in my eyes.

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