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  ProdID: 4224 - New World Steak and Cheese family pieManufactured byNew World Bakery Product Score: 10.0 
New World Steak and Cheese family pie

Price : $7.99
Supplier :
Available : New World supermarkets

A traditional steak and cheese pie.
Value for Money
samantha203   Review #8344 - Dated: 5th of May, 2013
  Author: samantha203

We don't often have pie's in our house so when we do have one it has to be a good pie. These New World Steak and Cheese Pies are great they are packed full of meat and have lots of gooey cheese. The pies themselves have won awards in the New World Supreme Pie Awards so that helps you to know it is a great pie too.

We buy the family sized version although you can buy them in single serving size too. The family sized pie is the same size as other family sized pies on the market so is a good size for feeding the whole family. They take 20-25 minutes in the oven to cook so are really quick which gives you just enough time to cook some vegetables to go with it.

The pastry is really great it has just the right amount of puff to it and is nice and flaky which I like in pie's. The filling is really good the bits of steak are cut up quite large and seem to be nice cuts of meat because I have never got a piece of fat or sinew when eating one of these pie's. The steak is cooked in a nice gravy style sauce and topped with plenty of cheese.

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