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  ProdID: 4159 - One Little MonkeyAuthor:Ruth Martin Product Score: 9.8 
One Little Monkey

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A cute little pop-up book that features one little monkey twho sets off through the jungle.....and finds lots and lots of friends! Count along from one to ten in this rhyming pop-up storybook about numbers.
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flabbergastered   Review #8392 - Dated: 10th of May, 2013
  Author: flabbergastered

Pop up books are my absolute favourite books, they are something truly magical as they are a 3d book that literally jumps off the page to get the reader and offer something a little bit special....and One Little Monkey adds the opportunity of learning how to count along with enjoying a really great book.

The little monkey is lonely and as he walks through the jungle he finds different animals and asks them if they have seen monkeys just like him so he can make friends with them so he wouldn't be lonely anymore. The monkey ends up finding 10 monkey friends and they are all lined up on one of the pages allowing the children to count from 1 to 10. So with a storyline that rhymes and reads very easily young children are kept interested and engaged as the story is read to them.

With all the favourite jungle animals featured in this book, monkeys, a lion, an elephant, a snake and a parrot, how could you not fall in love with his very cool book. The font is easily read and with a larger print it is seen easily. One problem is however if the sun is reflecting off the shiny pages it makes the words hard to see but that is easily fixed with moving the book away from the sunshine of course.

Another problem is when I am reading to a group of children sitting on the mat so the book is held up the pop out characters block the words so I need to swap the book from side to side in order to see the words, but in my opinion this adds to the fun of reading the book and the children get the best of both worlds because some children can't see the book from where they are sitting so when the book is swapped from side to side they can see it.

The illustrations are very well drawn, the animals are very cute and the colours used are very bright which adds to the beautiful charm of this book. I am a book fan so this book is a great addition to my collection of teaching resources, and to the collection of my pop up books. If you have a child who loves animals or is a fan of pop up books this is worth looking at for sure.

I didn't pay full retail price because I purchased this through the 'book man' that visits my work place but I wouldn't have any problems with paying full price but pop up books are always worth every penny!!

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