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  ProdID: 3948 - Monster High Dolls AssortedBrand :Mattell Product Score: 9.0 
Monster High Dolls Assorted

Price : $34.99 each
Supplier :
Available : at good toy stores

Freaky just got fabulous with Monster High fashion dolls.

Each doll has a fully articulated body so you can pose them in lots of fun ways. Each doll comes with a diary and accessory.

Ages 6+ years
Value for Money
Personal Choice
flabbergastered   Review #8431 - Dated: 13th of May, 2013
  Author: flabbergastered

These dolls were on the Christmas lists of both my nieces last year, and I had no idea what they were and these were the items that my sister (their mum) had assigned me to buy so noone would double up on Christmas presents. So the research begin, and yes the first place I looked was on Trade Me so I would have somewhat of an idea of what I was looking for and I could not believe the price of these dolls that just looked a weird looking barbie doll to me!

when I visited The Warehouse the first thing I noticed was the box was brightly coloured and definitely designed to attract attention on the shelf with a variety of patterns in multiple colors all over it's surface overlaying an alternating glossy and matte background.

There is a window in the front of the box so the dolls and accessories can easily be seen inside, and the box has an unusual shape being wider on one end like a wedge, so I not sure what that is about but I guess the box is as unique as the new dolls inside them. Also on the box there are nice illustrations of the characters and personalised bio information for each doll on the back.

So I bought 2 different dolls 1 for each niece thinking I had the right dolls but the ones they were after were the dolls that weren't yet available in New Zealand and boy did I hear about it after they opened their presents, but they were still grateful. Upon playing with them I noticed there is a fairly irritating problem with the dolls though and it related to the construction of the joints. The arms pull apart easily and the forearms and hands are removable. Apparently this is to help with ease of dressing the dolls, and that may be so, but the simple truth for these dolls is that the arms come apart way too easily while they are being played with and after the first day one hand was lost for a few hours before it was chanced upon and found.

So probably not the best thing to have if there are young children in the house because with such small parts falling off these dolls choking accidents can easily occur. I can see why they are suitable for age 6 years and up.

My nieces enjoy playing with them and want more for birthday and Christmas so hopefully by the time they come around again the range of the dolls would include the ones that are hard to source in the shops here.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
samantha203   Review #7732 - Dated: 4th of March, 2013
  Author: samantha203

My daughter came across these dolls a couple of years ago, she had outgrown Barbie and Bratz but these were a little bit different and so the collection began.

Each doll is a type of monster whether it be a vampire, a ghost, a werewolf etc and they are all very fashionable. There are different ranges which showcase different fashions whether it be a sleepover or a formal dance they have fashionable clothes for all occassions.

The dolls are well priced being a lot cheaper than barbies and the like and when on special you can pick them up really cheap. Some of the rarer dolls are not available in New Zealand and people bring them in and sell them for ridiculous prices on trade me but we have relatives in the UK who have sent us over some of the dolls we haven't been able to find here.

Each doll has removable body parts so it makes it easier to dress them you can take off the leg from the knee down and can take off hands to get tshirts on. For this reason i'm pretty strict when my daughter plays with them as I dont want her brother swallowing a stray hand and I have to remind her to make sure she puts the hands back on as we have a doll who is now missing one hand due to it being lost.

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