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  ProdID: 3742 - Hi-5 : Let's Play!Type of Show: Children's Series Product Score: 10.0 
Hi-5 : Let's Play!

Price : $16.99
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Available : January 2013

Your favourite Hi-5 friends are back with another fantastic, playful and musical adventure that will leave you bouncing around with energy!

Let's Play is full of fun ways to stay fit, playful games like giant snakes and ladders and the grooviest ways of making music! Join musical King Xavier, marvellous Moose Kiki and Jaya Peacock on their zany adventures. Be part of the fun as your best playmates in the world Casey, Fely, Lauren, Stevie and Tim put the groove back into playtime! So what are you waiting for? Let's Play!
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Jopukeko   Review #7445 - Dated: 16th of January, 2013
  Author: Jopukeko

My daughters (4.5 and nearly 3) were excited when I bought home Hi-5's latest DVD Let's Play. They are big Hi-5 fans and are delighted when they catch an episode on TV. This DVD contains material that we had already seen (which surprised me because I thought TV2 would be months behind) but it certainly didn't stop the girls from being glued from start to finish.

This DVD has a great mix of energetic rock songs to more mellow solos and duets. There are also some valuable messages about the importance of being active and fun ways to do so with your friends. The puppets Chats and Jup-Jup were there. Jup-Jup is my youngest daughter's favourite and she is often in uncontrollable giggles at Jup-Jup's antics.

This DVD has been played several times in the week we have owned it. It was a our sanity saver when we had a six hour car trip, although my 17 month old nephew wasn't as into it as his older cousins. At times both adults were singing along to the songs as well as the children. It turned a boring trip into great fun.

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