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  ProdID: 3506 - Vertex Standard VX-426Brand / Manufactured by:Vertex Standard Product Score: 9.8 
Vertex Standard VX-426

Price : POA
Supplier :
Available : at your nearest Motorola/Vertex Standard dealer

Commercial and CB radio in One!

    •  5 Watts Power Output (Selectable To 1 Watt)
    •  450 - 490 MHz RX
    •  168 Channel Capacity (including 80 CB channels)
    •  8-character Alphanumeric Display
    •  Multi-mode Scan (Group, Priority, Open)
    •  5-tone Encode/decode
    •  2-tone ENC/DEC (Dual 2-tone Dec)
    •  CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
    •  DTMF ANI/DTMF Paging (Requires Optional FVP-25)
    •  2 Programmable Function Buttons (Side) on Both
    •  4 Programmable Front-Panel Function Buttons
    •  Front Panel Keypad Illumination
    •  Compander Included
    •  Voice Encryption Built In
    •  Voice Storage (Optional DVS-5 Required)
    •  ARTS (Auto-Range Transpond System)
    •  BCLO, BTLO and TOT Functions
    •  RX Power Save Circuit
    •  PC Programmable
    •  Radio-to-radio Cloning
    •  Loud, Clear Audio Output
    •  Rugged Construction
    •  MIL-STD 810 D/E/F
    •  Compact Case Size, Light Weight
    •  Comes with 1800mAh Battery, Rapid Charger and Antenna
    •  3-year Factory Warranty
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #7125 - Dated: 22nd of August, 2012
  Author: Tucker

Every kid dreams of owning a set of awesome walkie-talkies... but they usually end up with cheap little "2 AA batteries, not supplied" toys from some big chain store with a $50 price-tag that's about $20 more than they are actually worth. The Big Kids want something with a bit more power, functionality, and security. Enter the Vertex VX-426.

Having had the chance to trial these at a couple of interesting venues - Mystery Creek, Claudelands Event Centre in Hamilton and the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland - we were able to test the functionality across a range of environments, ranging from a 1.7km all-open line-of-sight range to inside buildings with metal interior walls... and without exception these performed remarkably well.

It was interesting to note that the technology behind these units is a significant step-up from that used in regular RT units, which can be seriously affected by the signal trying to punch through metal and/or thick walls. Whether it's the signal processing capabilities, or the sheer focussed power of the signals they pump out, these units were able to give a very clear signal in almost every situation we threw at them, in emulation of a security crew operating over a wide area, a search & rescue team in cramped but isolated quarters, or even a camping/hiking situation where adult leaders need to stay in touch out in the bush.

Once configured correctly, these units are very easy to use... but configuration can be tricky for a novice user, so seeking the advice and assistance of your retailer is strongly advised. It can be something as simple as holding a button down a tad too long that can change the expected into the unexpected... and if you weren't paying full attention at the time, you may not even be aware of the fault and thus how to fix it. Careful attention to the on-screen icons and dedicated reading of the user guide is, against all male instinct, in your very best interests. Yeah, very much a case of RTFM. ^;)

Overall, these were quite the gadget for those needing to stay in touch over short to medium range. Battery life was exceptional, needing no recharge for a full 12 hours of frequent, brief bursts of usage. Light enough to carry on the belt without discomfort, these units can have a number of extras clipped on for added functionality, such as headsets, extended batteries, booster aerials, belt holsters, etc. So saying, the basic kit with belt clip would suffice for most casual-usage situations. For the price, these are a great investment to consider. Durability is fairly high, with the units surviving being dropped more than a few times due to being jostled in a crowd. For situations where a large crowd is expected, having the unit strapped firmly to your belt, and a headset rig attached would be the best move, so you may want to consider adding that into your initial purchase pack. I know we will be making great use of these in the years to come, as we attend various events.

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