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  ProdID: 3437 - Sids Smokey Garlic SauceProduced bySids Sauce Product Score: 9.3 
Sids Smokey Garlic Sauce

Price : $11.50 / 330ml bottle
Supplier :
Available : via Online Store and selected retail outlets

    •  Great as a BBQ marinade, baste (mop) or table sauce and is a must with Baked Beans, ribs & mussels.
    •  Essential on brisket, stews & casserols and as a marinade on lamb shanks. It is a garlic lovers dream!
    •  No fat, animal products, fish products or nuts.
    •  Low Gluten - made with Malt Vinegar.
    •  Low sodium - 248mg/100g.
    •  Use instead of tomato paste on pizza bases.
    •  Unlimited shelf life - actually improves with age!
    •  Requires no refrigeration.
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mizim   Review #9025 - Dated: 21st of July, 2013
  Author: mizim

We're fans of garlic in our house and so we were very happy to get to try out the Smokey Garlic sauce. Gave it a little taste before using it. It has a bit of spice to it and a stronger smokey taste than garlic but still has a nice overall taste.
We used this is a rice dish in place of our usual BBQ sauce and whilst I found the smokey taste to be a bit too much my husband really enjoyed it and has since kept using it each time we have had this dish.

We had tofu and vege dumplings and chips for dinner the other day and my husband opted to use this for his sauce, I gave it a try and whilst I found it OK I didn't completely enjoy it, my husband on the other hand used only the Smokey Garlic sauce for both the chips and the dumplings.

As you can tell from my review, my husband loves this sauce. I'm not the biggest fan of it, perhaps I would have enjoyed the other garlic sauce more, so that will be something to try in the future. I found it to have to much of a smokey taste and not enough garlic whilst my husband compared it to TP sauce which he loves.

Using a vegetarian mince for dinner one night I thought that I would put this sauce through it and leave it to marinade in the fridge for a couple of hours before cooking. I found that the 'mince' really soaked up the sauce so when I was frying it I added a little bit more to it just to ensure that the flavour would be there. I added a garlic pasta sauce to it and served on top of pasta, garnished with some grated cheese. I found this gave it a nice taste, a hint of spice, but overall a great taste addition to the meal.

Whilst I myself wouldn't use this often, my husband would and at this price he'd be happy to buy it again.

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