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  ProdID: 3344 - Coin Blaster Arcade - 10 tabletop target gamesDeveloped byKlutz Product Score: 9.3 
Coin Blaster Arcade - 10 tabletop target games

Price : $25.00
Supplier :
Available : May 2012

Ages 8 years and up.

Includes one Book and Coin Blasters.

Take a few cheap shots! Only-from-Klutz Coin Blasters let you send coins zooming across the table with the flick of a finger.

Book transforms into 10 games including;
Slap Shot Hockey
Break the Bank
Upper Cut Boxing
Skee Coin
Penny Putt Golf and more.
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Easy to Understand
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sweetpea   Review #5881 - Dated: 28th of May, 2012
  Author: sweetpea

Well straight off I was worried that we wouldn't be able to use this as of course it is designed in America for use with Pennies and Dime coins. We gathered a supply of NZ 50 cent, 20 cent and ten cent pieces and managed to play all the games using combinations of these coins. One of our coin blasters was just a smigdgen too thin for the coins to pass through easily (I ended up with that one...) but the other blaster was fine. I will probably try to get some American coins and see if they do work better.

With more than 11 game options this book has given us hours of fun. All the games require a good flicking technique and we did get sore fingers which would usually herald the end of a game! We do however have our finger flick pretty sussed now so can get competitive!

Miss Four and Miss Five were actually quite good at the games and we had a lot of fun especially the games that they were able to play together. One of the things I liked about this book is that you can either have a lot of fun with this by yourself or you can get all competitive and play with an opponent.

This is actually a great book to take on holiday as you have a heap of games contained in it so high enjoyment hours versus a small amount space taken up! The back of the book has an envelope to put all your push-out pieces and the plastic packaging at the front can be used to store the coin blasters and ramp sides. Hopefully this means nothing gets lost!

Definitely a fun addition to the holiday pack and great for a rainy day. Just make sure you have a big stash of coins on hand :-).

Fun Factor
Easy to Understand
Personal Choice
nerdalert1101   Review #5866 - Dated: 24th of May, 2012
  Author: nerdalert1101

Let me start off by saying that this was one heck of a book! When I first saw it, I was anxious to play with it, as I absolutely love arcades! I must point out that there were a couple of games that I couldn't play as this game is based on the use of American coins which are a different size than the New Zealand currency.

My favorite game was The Upper Cut Boxing as it was a great chance to improve aim and finger strength. The artwork in the book was cool, it isn't the regular flat and unshaded artwork that many do, it is now a little more 3D, which makes you think even more that you are in an actual arcade.

The price is okay, but I have to give it an 8/10 as is is a little too pricey for what you get. The instructions were very easy to understand, and the images made it even more so. I had a lot of fun, but had to stop after a while as the constant flicking against hard metal coins began to hurt my fingernails, however that doesn't affect the score to me.

Altogether, I would say that this is a lovely book that I think the kids will spend all day playing with, so enjoy!

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