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  ProdID: 305 - PLUGIN: Xero Filter SetsDeveloped byPete @ Xero-Graphics Product Score: 9.0 
PLUGIN: Xero Filter Sets

Supplier :
Available : online

These filters are, for the most part, not as 'extreme' as most of the hundreds of filters available on the web. Personally, I find that many such filters produce results that are mildly amusing for a few minutes, but too over-the-top for serious regular use.

My filters are often quite subtle, but are intended either to give a genuinely useful creative effect, or to perform a useful job such as the 'skycleaner' filter.

You can download the filters individually, or you can grab the whole package from the downloads page. Now, rush on over to the Downloads page, grab the filters, and get creative!

Official Site: www.xero-graphics.co.uk

Filter List:
    •  abstractor.8bf     •  alienmist.8bf     •  artworx.8bf     •  artgrain.8bf     •  artifax.8bf     •  baddream.8bf     •  clarity.8bf     •  cubism.8bf     •  duochrome.8bf     •  emphasis.8bf     •  fritillary.8bf     •  fuzzifier.8bf     •  greyscaler.8bf     •  greytinter.8bf     •  illustrator.8bf     •  improver.8bf     •  iridium.8bf     •  lineart.8bf     •  lithograph.8bf     •  makeaflake.8bf     •  mistifier.8bf     •  moonlight.8bf     •  moodlight.8bf     •  pastellise.8bf     •  porcelain.8bf     •  radiance.8bf     •  simplicity.8bf     •  softvignette.8bf     •  tekstya.8bf     •  titanium.8bf     •  tweaker.8bf     •  seasons.8bf     •  seriousfog.8bf     •  softmood.8bf     •  skycleaner.8bf     •  sparkles.8bf     •  supersmooth.8bf     •  ultraviolet.8bf
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Tucker   Review #337 - Dated: 17th of July, 2004
  Author: Tucker

I admit it... I am a total Photoshop Junkie... and thus I am also an avid hunter and collector of Photoshop Plugins, Filters, Actions, etc.

So when I saw the Xero collections, I thought "Ooh! Gimme! Wanna have a play..." so I did.

As Pete says in his documentation, these filters are NOT multi-million dollar products, these are small, tidy, specific-effect filters, each one designed to do a specific task as best it is able. And that's exactly what they do, well.

Of all of the filters, there are about half which will appeal to any one person in particular, and exactly which ones will appeal to you, well, only you can decide that once you have had a play.

I would recommend to unpack all of them into a directory of their own, so you can sort through them and delete those which you don't feel you will use often. This saves wasting your PC's precious RAM by filling it up with plugins you never use.

Overall, a great selection, holding much potential. My personal hit-pick would have to be the SuperSmooth filter, as it does a very nice job of removing the glitches in JPeg images, a very important effect in my line of work, and great for cleaning up the crap in big panels of flat colour that you get on over-compressed images. Well done Pete, in honour of your efforts, I have made an offering to our local Cystic Fibrosis charity group.

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