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  ProdID: 2948 - 127 HoursDirected byDanny Boyle Product Score: 9.0 
127 Hours

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Available : June 2011

127 Hours is the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston's remarkable adventure to save himself after a falling boulder crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated slot canyon in Utah.

Throughout his journey, Ralston recalls friends, lovers, family, and the two hikers he met before his accident. Over the next five days Ralston battles the elements and his own demons to finally discover he has the courage and the wherewithal to extricate himself by any means necessary, descend a 65 foot wall and hike over eight miles before he is finally rescued.

Told with a dynamic narrative structure, 127 Hours is a visceral, thrilling story that will take an audience on a never before experienced journey and prove what we can do when we choose life.
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CorrinaS   Review #11988 - Dated: 12th of July, 2014
  Author: CorrinaS

I love movies based on true stories but I wasn't sure if 127 hours would be my kinda of movie. It seemed a long movie to be based on a guy who's stuck between rocks. I must say though that I was very surprised and I enjoyed it a lot more than I ever thought I would.

I went in thinking it would be really boring and dragged out but it wasn't at all it drew you in from the start and keep your attention all the way through. The movie was well done, the scenery was beautiful and the story amazing! They built up the story just right giving you a little background on Ralston. When he fell and got trapped your heart just went out to him knowing he was going to go through a lot of suffering before he saw his loved ones again.

While he was trapped as well as you seeing him trying to escape and working out how to survive he recalls his loved ones and his life. Even though you know he is going to escape your heart sinks every time things start looking bad for him. The fact it's based on true events it just shows you what a human being can overcome in live and achieve with will and determination.

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holden05   Review #5513 - Dated: 17th of March, 2012
  Author: holden05

I went into watching 127 hrs with a small portion of bias, I really was sceptical about how watchable a movie could be that focused for so long on something that doesn't really change a lot.. a man is trapped, beginning and end of story.

I have to say I was drawn into the film, the scenery and the man. I did end up willing him to get out, and I was on the edge of my seat wishing that he would be found soon... even though the title tells us he is trapped for a 127 hours.

I would recommend this as a must see film about the tenacity of the human spirit, when we are put in difficult situations we can choose to give in or, we can choose to fight, in this case survive.

Without giving to much away, I like the way at the end of the film you get to meet the real man behind the film, making what you have just watched that much more tangible.

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tessak   Review #5468 - Dated: 29th of February, 2012
  Author: tessak

127 hours...a true story of survival. I have been itching to see this movie for a while, so firstly thank you KIWIreviews and roadshow entertainment for allowing me to review it.

127 hours is one of those movies that really puts life in perspective. Every day there are moments when we think we have it tough, we wonder if things could get any worse and at times we get angry over the silliest of things; waiting in the supermarket aisle, when someone doesnt give way at the school or pulls out in front of you, or you lose your car keys, or maybe get a speeding ticket! You know, the moments that make you think your life is so unfair! Well if you're having one of those moments now, then I highly recommend you get this true story, 127 hours, it will remind you that life aint half bad really.

This movie is a true story based on the harrowing hours that followed after a bolder fell on mountain climber Aron Rolstons arm, trapping him in an isolated slot in a canyon where no one can hear him. The determination to survive, despite coming so close to death, and the fear Aron felt during his ordeal is apparent through out the movie. When Aron is forced to cut through his own body in order to save himself, you will find yourself squirm in your seat. The experience obviously believable because the story is true.

You may shed a tear, you may wonder in disbelief at how a human can endure what this amazing and courageous person did to survive, and you will wonder why you ever thought the hurdles in your own life were so hard before.

An amazing story of courage, determination, fear, shock and loss all wrapped up into one astounding film.

I do agree with another reviewer, the constant changing of the angles through out the film is a little distracting, but it doesnt stop you from being impressed by this one man's truly amazing journey.

Recommended for sure, if you havent already seen it of course!

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NZGeekGirl   Review #4672 - Dated: 24th of July, 2011
  Author: NZGeekGirl

I was looking forward to seeing the well known true story of Aron Ralston having read about in the news at the time. it is a pretty impressive story of doing what you have to survive.

Overall it was a pretty good movie. At times it was pretty harrowing and knowing how he escaped his arm bring trapped by the rock, made it even worse. I'm not normally squeamish with blood and gore but knowing that he had to cut his own arm off to escape did make it almost impossible to watch. You knew watching that, the desperation to survive would have been overwhelming, driving someone to do whatever it took.

Given that for a large part of the movie, James Franco is the only actor on screen, big ups to him. It's not easy to carry a whole movie like that and I think it was a credit to his acting talent.

The one thing that did let me down with the movie was the constant change of view. It would go from third person, to first person point of view quite often and this was something that I found distracting. I would have preferred it to stay with one point of view for the whole movie.

Overall though, a pretty good watch and a very inspiring story.

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