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  ProdID: 2932 - Klutz - Draw the Marvel HeroesBrand / Author:Klutz Press Inc Product Score: 9.8 
Klutz - Draw the Marvel Heroes

Price : $29.00
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Available : June 2011

Don't just read this book... DRAW IT!

We've given you all the tools you need to dive right in. Packed with tips and tricks from the pros, you'll learn to draw more than 30 of your favourite Marvel heroes.

And you can draw... right inside this book!
Value for Money
Clear Instructions
Clear Diagrams
Personal Choice
tessak   Review #4646 - Dated: 21st of July, 2011
  Author: tessak

Draw the Marvels definitely gets the big thumbs up from both myself and Master 10. This is a kid who loves to read, but loves his xbox even more. However I gave him this book and he spent more time with the book for the next fortnight then he did on the xbox, and that in its self is truly amazing.

This wonderful book comes with everything a budding cartoonist/comic book drawer needs to get started. Pencil, eraser and felt tip pens, which all store nicely in the clear zip lock case attached to the front of the book. And when getting started nothing else is needed, and everything is right there in the book.

It has clear step by step instructions teaching you all the basics to becoming a good drawer of marvel heroes. Follow the instructions and go through the book page by page and you pretty much can not go wrong. Master 10 was so excited with each page he completed he simply had to show everyone, and his grandad who is an artist was extremely impressed by how much he achieved within a few short pages, as was I.

The books contains tips on pretty much everything to do with comic strip drawing, along with advise and much more. And its perfect for any age group as long as they have an interest to some degree, even if only small, in drawing.

Definitely worth every penny, and most certainly the perfect gift for tweenagers and up.

Value for Money
Clear Instructions
Clear Diagrams
Personal Choice
archway77   Review #4581 - Dated: 22nd of June, 2011
  Author: archway77

In a sense I am probably not the target audience for this book, HOWEVER a wasted youth reading comic books of all varieties and a lasting geeky obsession with comic book movies does give me some credentials here.

Draw the Marvel Heroes delivers to that nagging thought that I've had over the years about "how do they do it?" How have these comic book characters that started years ago maintained the same look despite being delivered by various different illustrators? Well this book answers those questions by way of interactive tutorial as you get to work through the various modules starting with a simple trace of Spiderman and learning new skills and techniques as you develop, to the point that by the end of he book even someone with limited artistic ability should be able to deliver a half way decent comic book hero, or villain should you choose.

You learn the importance of stick figures and how to render images. You learn the dos and don'ts of super hero drawing - tiny and dark works, as does fast and messy. You learn that super heroes aren't measured in feet and inches but in heads and that the key to a good super hero is that he is 8 heads tall. You learn how to add detail, to muscle up and to make faces and you learn about technical terms such as foreshortening (want to know more? Buy the book!).

The best thing about this book for me is that it is completely self contained and even comes with the tools that you need to complete the tasks - the pencil, the eraser and the felt tip pens, and you do everything in the book itself. No having to purchase additional materials, it is all there.

I had a lot of fun working my way through the book. So if you are looking for "the perfect gift that is completely different" for a teenage boy or a big kid like me, then Draw the Marvel Heroes is the book for you.

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