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  ProdID: 2837 - Speed FighterBrand / Manufactured by:Carrera RC Product Score: 9.3 
Speed Fighter

Price : $149.00
Supplier :
Available : at selected quality retailers

A dynamic look, innovative technology, light yet robust construction, authentically detailed special plastic bodywork all contribute towards making the Speed Fighter an absolutely convincing proposition. The ergonomically designed control set with the removable and storable joystick is a particularly attractive feature. This allows you to have the buggy completely under control - however spectacular the action and regardless of the functions you use - such as the 2-speed mode to select the best settings for indoor and outdoor action, or after pressing the High Speed Turbo Button.

The more challenging the terrain and the heavier the traffic the better this buggy can demonstrate its supremacy. Its dominance can be explained by the use of differential gears and RC 3-frequency technology which allows up to three cars to drive uninterrupted at one time. There's also the great Ready to Run concept, the attractive chrome rims, the Li-Ion high power batteries, plus Turbo Charger, for quick recharging and extremely long running times!

Car length: 32.5cm

    •  Top Speed of 20 km/h
    •  2 speed modes
    •  Full function steering
    •  Quick recharging within 75 minutes
    •  Li-Ion high power battery 7.4V / 700 mAh
    •  27MHz band control
    •  Three control frequencies to choose from
    •  Ergonomic control set with High Speed Turbo button
    •  Wheely function
Value for Money
Age Appropriate
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #4487 - Dated: 13th of April, 2011
  Author: Tucker

A bigger, bulkier version of the Shadow Fox, this one actually had nothing really special going for it over it's smaller, cheaper cousin. All the same features, and a 'turbo mode' that I just could NOT trigger no matter which controller I used.

I order to check a few things, I tried something fun... After test runs to ensure they all had straight (or as straight as possible) steerage lines, I set all three vehicles to the same frequency, spaced them out about 3m apart and all facing the same direction, then I powered them up and rev'd the engines.

With all three set in 'slow' mode, they all stayed in step and fairly evenly paced... however when they were all set to 'fast' mode, this model actually was slightly slower than the other two models. I think that it is because of the added size giving added weight, but there being the same motors inside... they have more to carry so can't carry it as fast - a lower power-to-weight ratio.

Despite this, this model was big enough for me to mount a small wireless camera on, and despite the low quality, grainy footage, I was able to drive it around the front parking area without leaving my desk... just don't ask how I got it down to the parking area. Wink Icon

Overall, this was still a great vehicle to play with, and a lot of fun... but from the three we tried in this series, this one came third in many significant ways.

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