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  ProdID: 2402 - Dog TuckerWritten by:K. Drinkwater Product Score: 9.6 
Dog Tucker

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Angry and defiant, thirteen year old Devlin believes he's unwanted. He's fed up with changing schools and foster homes, and decides to run away from his foster-uncle's farm. But then he meets a horse about to become dog tucker and a deception unravels....

This is a story about making choices, and of discovering how hope can lie in unlikely places.
Lose Track of Time
Personal Choice
mistletoe   Review #3836 - Dated: 13th of June, 2010
  Author: mistletoe

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I help with foster care day to day and it really gave an insight into how some of these kids could be feeling.

Devlin, underneath it all, is a really sweet boy just keeping his shields up so as not to get hurt, and in the end learns to trust his foster dad.

Once Devlin found something to take his mind off himself and his hurts and pride, he really began to grow up and take responsibility.

I wouldn't read this book without a box of tissues - it is both happy and devastating, such a range of emotions.

I will be reading this book again in the future.

Lose Track of Time
Personal Choice
bronnie   Review #3469 - Dated: 14th of December, 2009
  Author: bronnie

This is an amazing read! It is based on a 13yr old boy, Devlin, whom his mother is blaming for all the wrong doings that have been happening. This in fact is not Devlin's fault, but the fault of his mother's abusive boyfriend. Not long after, the boyfriend succeeds at destroying the family, and Devlin, the eldest of 5 siblings, is sent off into foster care.

Devlin is one angry young man. He is rebellious, and has no tolerance for authority figures. Because of this he is moved from school to school, foster home to foster home.

This story is full of courage, heart-break, fear, joy, love, sadness and laughter. I absolutely loved this book as it is an insight into something I have never seen/heard about before. I think this book would be a terrific idea for young adults to read as it may just change how they are feeling with their current life surroundings.

In short without giving it all away, Devlin has a few hiccups along his journey, however he soon finds something to channel his positive energy in to. This is what changes Devlin into a new young man.

Just remember something great can come from the saddest events!

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